How Do I: Add a PaperCut Printer on a PC

Adding a PaperCut printer to your Mac is not difficult, but it is rather specific.  Follow this guide and you'll be up and running in no time!

Install Printer Drivers

Before adding a PaperCut printer sure to download and install the correct printer drivers for the printer you want to use.  Check out this CAIT article for a printer list and links to drivers:

PaperCut Printers & Client Download

Video Walkthrough

Step by Step Walkthrough

Adding a PaperCut Printer

You must be on the CalArts WiFi network, CalArtsGuest will not allow you to print in this manner.

1.) Hit the Start button in the bottom left. Type in the following address:


Hit Enter.

2.) You will be prompted to enter your network credentials. Enter "campus\" then your CalArts credentials. Check "Remember my credentials"

Example: campus\seanlatreille

3.) Double click on the printer you wish to add. For this example, we are going to add the MusicMFP printer.

Your computer should automatically detect the drivers and install the printer. If your computer cannot find the correct drivers you will need to download them manually. Refer to our driver download page for more information.

That's It!

You should now be all set to print! When printing, you will see the pop up below. Verify that the information is correct and click "Print". You will then be able to release the print job through PaperCut or directly at the printer.

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