PaperCut Printers and Driver Downloads

Below is a list of PaperCut printers that are managed by CAIT through PrintServices, including their addresses, model numbers, and links to download their drivers.

Please be aware that not all printers are publicly available.  Printers may be restricted by school, program, or by physical access to a particular room.

If you think you should have access to a printer please contact the school or individual responsible for the area that printer is in.  CAIT cannot grant access to a printer without notice from the associated school or department.

Make sure you are on the CalArts WiFi network, CalArts Guest will not allow printing in this manner.

Printers and Drivers

Library-BW and Library-Color

These printers are located in the Library.  Both print to the same set of printers, but Library-BW forces all print jobs to be Black and White.

Availability: All Students, Faculty, and Staff

Model: RICOH SP C842DN

Driver Download:

Queue Names: printservices/Library-BW and printservices/Library-Color

Theater Design & Production

This print queue can print to the Design & Production copier.

Availability: School of Theater Students with access to the Design Studio.

Model: RICOH IM C2500

Driver Download:

Addresses: printservices/theaterdpmfp

Theater Bungalow

This copier is available for all Theater Students.

Availability: School of Theater Students

Model: RICOH IM C2500

Driver Download:

Addresses: printservices/theater-bungalow

Critical Studies Lab MFP

This copier is available for all Critical Studies Students.

Availability: School of Critical Studies

Model: RICOH IM 5000

Driver Download:

Addresses: printservices/cslabmfp

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