How Do I: Use Zoom for Meetings?

Zoom is an audio and video  conferencing platform that makes sharing and collaborating from phones,  computers, and mobile devices ridiculously easy...

... and a whole lot more!

How Do I Get Zoom?

1. Go to and click on the "Sign in" Button.

Then, choose Sign in with Google

2. You can sign in with your CalArts e-mail and password on the following page.

How do I create a meeting using the Zoom Website?

Zoom meetings allow you and up to 99 others with or without video and even screen sharing!

Once you sign in, you'll be brought to the dashboard. To create a meeting, choose one of the Schedule a New Meeting menu options.


Zoom Splash Page

Alternatively, to do a quick Meeting, you can just click Host A Meeting

Meetings Home Page

If this is your first meeting using your current computer, Zoom may prompt you to install zoomusinstaller. Please install the software, as it is required to make conference calls.

Zoom will start your call in a separate windows with options to start or stop your video and audio. Your meeting can be joined by both telephone and computer client.

Inviting Others

You can invite people to any scheduled meeting through a pre-made invitation in Zoom.

In the Join URL section of the Meeting that's selected, click Copy the invitation. A pop-up will show the contents of the invitation. Click Copy Meeting invitation.

You can now paste this invitation into an email and send it to all of your guests.

Be cognizant of others' privacy and consider hiding the guest lists when appropriate on Zoom calendar invitations.  This is especially important when sending invitations to a group of students as part of a class or other Institute event.

How do I install the Zoom desktop client?

The Zoom desktop can be downloaded when you start or join your first Zoom meeting , or you can also just use Zoom through the browser. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to install the client.

For manual downloading or access to other clients, you can find other downloads here.

How do I create a meeting using the Zoom App?

The Zoom Application provides a simple interface with buttons to Start a Meeting with Video, without Video, Join a Meeting, Schedule a Meeting, and Share your Screen in a Meeting.

To start a meeting, simply choose "Start with video" or "Start without video".

Inviting Others

Invite your attendees with either the given telephone numbers (other countries selectable) and Meeting ID (required to join).

Online attendees can join with the given Invitation URL or with the Meeting ID located at the top.

What is a Pro account and how do I get one?

Pro users gain the following benefits in addition to the Basic level features:

  • Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes (Free users have 40 min. limit for group meetings of 3+)
  • Advanced meeting controls, such as recording and notification.
  • Option to create a custom Personal Meeting ID
  • Assign a scheduler to create your meetings for you (Scheduler must have a Pro account as well)
  • All active CalArts Faculty and Staff are eligible for a Pro Account (most are automatically assigned access). 


Make me a Pro!

If you would like a Zoom Pro account, please submit a ticket to the CalArts IT Department with the subject "New Zoom Pro Account".

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