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Recently completed projects

Last updated: May 1, 2022


CalArts IT has deployed a cybersecurity awareness program using the Curricula platform. This platform allows IT to run phishing simulations and to offer security awareness training to faculty and staff. 

A phishing simulation was sent out to faculty and staff on April 25th, 2022 with security awareness training offered to those that clicked the link in the email. Further phishing simulations will be sent regularly and a new process is in place by which new employees will be enrolled in security awareness training upon hire. 

IT Team: Customer Engagement


CalArts IT has deployed Ethos, which is a core application that will allow IT to set up automatic data exchanges between Colleague and other applications such as Canvas and Destiny One. 

For example, through Ethos and the Intelligent Learning Platform component, Colleague can send course changes, faculty assignments, and student add/drops live to Canvas. With live updates, faculty and students can access their Canvas courses without the usual several hours delay that manual file imports introduce.

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Printer refresh

CalArts IT has deployed 23 new RICOH multi-function devices (print, copy, scan) and several smaller HP printers to the CalArts campus. 

This is phase 3 of 3 for this project and CalArts IT will explore renegotiating the full fleet of printers with additional vendors in 2 years. 

IT Team: Customer Engagement

Proxy access in Self-Service

CalArts has implemented a new solution within Self-Service called Self-Service Proxy. This tool allows students to give someone (e.g., parents/guardians) access to designated sections of their CalArts accounts. When students designate a proxy, they determine what information the proxy can view, i.e. student accounts, financial aid, and grades. 

Please note, Proxy cannot be used to gain access to any student's health related information as it is protected under HIPAA, not FERPA.

For more information and detailed instructions, please refer to the Proxy setup page

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Student Registration Forms move to Self-Service

The completion of Student Registration Forms that were in HubHelper, have been moved to Self-Service. As a requirement, prior to registration, students now have the ability to confirm their address, phone number, email address, and update their emergency contacts. In addition, using Agreements, they will read and accept important information on Proxy Access, Financial, Health Insurance, Directory Information, and Meal Plan. All these steps are mandatory parts of the registration process and students will be able to see reminders about any missing steps when they log into Self-Service. 

IT Team: Enterprise Applications


CalArts has implemented Sunapsis which is an international case management software with full Sevis integration. This new software makes it easier to engage international students in maintaining legal immigration status.

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Ongoing projects

Last updated: May 1, 2022

Automate Windows and Linux OS updates on servers

Project description: CalArts IT maintains several servers that host services such as PaperCut, Colleague, and Transact and all of these servers have to be kept up to date to protect CalArts services and data from potential security holes. CalArts IT will be deploying an automation tool which can update the operating system (OS) on servers quicker and with less impact to users and services.  As a result, the servers can be kept safer by being updated more often and with less downtime. 

Project status: The project team obtained proof of concept for two potential solutions and is currently reviewing and testing the two products. 

IT Team: Infrastructure Operations

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022


Project description: In Fall 2022, CalArts will formally adopt Canvas as the new learning management system, replacing the Learn and Access systems on the Kannu platform. Canvas includes a variety of tools for course customization, assessments, grading, analytics, and communication while also allowing many integrations with services such as Google Drive, Panopto, Zoom, Microsoft Office, and many others. 

As a result of this transition, Learn and Access will be terminated on June 30, 2022. 

Project status: Canvas environment has been deployed and real course testing during Spring 2022 semester is wrapping up. Canvas training sessions have started and will continue during Summer 2022. Learn and Access course backups are underway and CalArts IT is available to support faculty with the migration of course content to Canvas. 

IT Teams: Instructional Technology, Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: Fall 2022

Concord contract management tool

Project description: The Office of the Chief Financial Officer has selected Concord as the contract management solution to assist with improving contract processes by providing a secure method of creating, hosting, processing, and signing contracts. Concord provides full tracking of changes and feedback/approval, allows for fully digital processes and workflows, and expedites the creation of new contracts through templates and clause libraries. 

Project status: The contract has been signed, the software is up and running, and the onboarding process has begun to ensure the software is configured and customized to CalArts' needs.

IT Teams: Infrastructure Operations, Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: May 31, 2022.

Coursedog event scheduling

Project description: Coursedog is an event planning application that assists with scheduling and managing events and event resources such as rooms. 

Project status: Application has been deployed and basic features have been tested and used for actual events.

Next phase: The next phase of the project will be focusing on introducing workflows and bringing in all CalArts staff that work on event and room scheduling.

IT Teams: Enterprise Applications, Infrastructure Operations 

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022.

Device management tools (Autopilot, Intune, Jamf)

Project description: CalArts IT is in the process of implementing several device management tools to help manage computers for initial Operating System (OS) setup, software installation, security encryption, and security updates. These tools will allow the Customer Care team to more easily set up and maintain hundreds of computers with minimal downtime to faculty, staff, and students. 

Project status: Autopilot and Intune for PC are configured and undergoing testing - 65% of testing is complete. Jamf is configured and currently in use, but the team is working on improvements and fixes for current issues. 

IT Team: Customer Engagement

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

eFax refit

Project description: CalArts IT has set up several eFax numbers for 12 departments and schools which allow them to receive and send faxes online through Biscom. As part of this project, the RICOH Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) have been set up to scan to a network drive allowing staff to access, share or fax the digital files created. 

Project status: The eFax numbers for IT and REDCAT are in the process of being ported to Biscom. The other 12 departments have been set up with eFax numbers and their MFDs set up to scan to a network drive.

IT Teams: Infrastructure Operations, Customer Engagement

Estimated completion date: May 31, 2022.

Emergency intercoms

Project description: The emergency intercom system needs updates and, with the move from traditional phones to VOIP phones (virtual and physical), CalArts IT is taking the opportunity to change to a better and more cost efficient solution for the emergency intercom system as well. 

Project status: A vendor has been identified and they are working on a solution proposal based on CalArts needs and current physical setup.

IT Team: Infrastructure Operations

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

Faculty laptop program

Project description: CalArts has begun an initiative to provide CalArts full-time faculty with laptops for their teaching needs. Current full-time faculty have been asked for their computer preferences and many faculty have signed up for appointments to receive a laptop. This project will also set up a process by which new full-time faculty hires will be provided with a laptop moving forward. 

Project status: The majority of faculty interested in a laptop have been provided with one. The Customer Care team is currently in the process of contacting faculty who expressed an interest in a laptop but have yet to meet with the team to pick one up. The project team is currently finalizing the process for providing laptops to new full-time faculty in the future. 

IT Team: Customer Engagement

Estimated completion date: December 31, 2022

Google storage

Project description: In February of 2021, Google announced that it will end its long-standing policy of unlimited storage. A pooled allocation limit—a shared amount for all users of 100TB— will take effect during summer 2022 for both (students and alumnx) and (faculty and staff); each group will receive 100TB to share among all users in that group. This impacts all storage solutions, from Drive to Photos. While this may seem like a lot of storage, the CalArts community is made up of media-heavy users; we are already over 100TB for both groups, with usage noticeably increasing in the last few months. 

CalArts IT is attempting to mitigate this in a number of ways:

  • Deploying a new storage solution for current faculty, staff, and students (more information under the project "Network storage solution")
  • Providing new resources for storing and sharing media such as Canvas (a Learning Management System) and Panopto (a video storage and streaming solution)
  • Removing access to Google Drive for alumnx users. Alumnx will continue to be provided a Gmail account

Project status: Research has been completed on determining the best way to implement different policies for alumnx and current students in order to ensure that current students still continue to have access to Google Drive. Several communications have gone out to the CalArts community with further information about the project. Canvas and Panopto have been deployed with Canvas available to all courses starting Fall 2022 and Panopto currently available to all faculty and staff. 

IT Teams: Infrastructure Operations, Enterprise Applications, Customer Engagement, Instructional Technology

Estimated completion date: 

  • Deploying a new storage solution - December 31, 2022
  • Providing new resources for storing and sharing media (Canvas, Panopto) - completed
  • Removing access to Google Drive for alumnx users - July 1, 2022
HUB - Pathify

Project description: Pathify, the product powering the HUB, provides a centralized user experience for all information, systems, and communications. Communications, in collaboration with IT, hopes to improve the way information and resources are presented to students, faculty, and staff on the HUB through the judicious use of Pathify widgets. IT will also move the HUB behind CalArts' Single Sign-On solution, QuickLaunch, and connect Pathify to Colleague through Ethos for automatic data exchange. 

Project status: The IT team is working on the Ethos setup for Pathify to Colleague. The Marketing team is working on establishing the organization of content before moving forward with widget implementation. 

IT Teams: Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

Intelligent Learning Platform

Project description: The Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP) uses Ethos to connect CalArts' Canvas environment to Colleague for automatic and near-instantaneous update of course information such as assigned faculty, course title, list of students registered. 

Project status: ILP was successfully installed and tested on test servers and the project team is now working on configuring ILP into production. 

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: May 31, 2022

Modern Campus Destiny Connect

Project description: Extended Studies uses Modern Campus Destiny One as its Student Management System. Destiny Connect uses Ethos to connect Destiny One and Colleague so student and course data can be exchanged between the two systems. This improvement will lead to automation of certain student data entry tasks as well as the ability to have Extended Studies student and course information synced with Canvas via ILP (Intelligent Learning Platform). It will also feed information into Colleague for general ledger updates. Destiny Connect will create a seamless integration between multiple systems.

Project status: The project team is reviewing Ethos and Colleague technical documentation while the vendor is assigning resources and staff to the project. 

Project next steps: Use case analysis and mapping, loading baseline data from Colleague, data migration, testing and validation.

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

Network refresh

Project description: Just like computers have a refresh cycle, network equipment also has to be refreshed every few years. This year's network refresh will be upgrading every network equipment on campus such as firewall, core network equipment, routers, and cabling. CalArts IT will also take this opportunity to introduce better cabling management for the network equipment. 

Project status: The project team is finalizing a network layout plan and ordering the necessary equipment. The firewall has been ordered and is expected to arrive sometime in May. 

IT Team: Infrastructure Operations

Estimated completion date: December 31, 2022

Network storage solution

Project description: In order to respond to the changes in the Google policy for storage, CalArts IT is working on finding a network storage solution to alleviate the demand on Google Drive storage. 

Project status: CalArts IT has researched possible solutions and is currently in talks with a vendor on a proposed solution and its costs. 

IT Team: Infrastructure Operations

Estimated completion date: December 31, 2022

PaperCut update

Project description: PaperCut is a print management software which allows printing from a number of devices (computer, mobile) to any printer that a user has access to on the network. The old PaperCut system at CalArts was running on an unstable server that caused many issues such as print jobs stopping. CalArts IT is replacing the PaperCut servers and taking this opportunity to review and improve the configuration as best practices have changed since PaperCut was installed in 2015. 

Project status: The project is in the last stages of deployment for the new PaperCut servers. Testing has begun and the team is resolving any issues that testing highlights.

IT Teams: Infrastructure Operations, Customer Engagement

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

Single Sign-On at CalArts with QuickLaunch

Project description: CalArts Single Sign-On (SSO) lets you sign in to all of your CalArts applications with one username and password. Once authenticated to CalArts SSO, you just click on your desired application and are automatically logged in. 

CalArts IT deployed QuickLaunch as the CalArts Single Sign-On (SSO) solution and has since worked on configuring new and existing services with SSO. Other applications not listed below may have SSO as part of their specific project deliverables; for example Self-Service, Google, Colleague.

Project status: 

Software applications already configured with SSO:

  • Mantrahealth
  • LiveSafe Mobile App
  • Symplicity Advocate
  • Symplicity Residence

Software applications planned to be configured with SSO:

  • Symplicity Compass
  • Symplicity Accommodate
  • Slate
  • Zendesk
  • Interfolio
  • Zoom
  • Asana
  • Incommon Certificate Service
  • Amazon Business

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: December 31, 2022

Student retention software (EAB Navigate)

Project description: A student retention software is an early alert system that uses success/failure markers to give mentors and programs the opportunity to intervene early and improve student success rates. CalArts has selected EAB Navigate as its student retention software solution.

Project status: The integration needed for EAB Navigate has been set up and the software is in place and running. The project team is working on further improvements and testing before going live.

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

Time Entry move from WebAdvisor to Self-Service

Project description: Ellucian WebAdvisor is the current solution at CalArts for time entry, time history, time approval, leave information, tax information, pay advices, stipends, benefits summary, and position summary. Some time ago, Ellucian announced the sunsetting of WebAdvisor and the movement to Colleague Self-Service. As a result of this announcement, CalArts will be moving to using Colleague Self-Service for time entry and all associated processes.

Project status: CalArts IT has finalized Self-Service configuration on test servers and successfully tested overtime procedures (in line with California laws) and all other features using a test account. The project team has generated several more test accounts in order to test various pay scenarios that occur at CalArts.

Project next steps: Test several pay scenarios in a non-production environment, then have a small pilot group in production. If all proceeds as expected, HR and Payroll will create new process documentation and start informing all employees of this change before all employees are migrated to Self-Service. 

IT Team: Enterprise Applications

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

VOIP phones

Project description: In order to accommodate shifting needs and priorities for CalArts faculty and staff, CalArts has moved from using land line phones to VOIP Phones using Zoom. With this solution many employees who work fully or partially from home can use a virtual phone number via Zoom and employees on campus and students in common areas can still use physical phones on campus. 

Project status: Most users have been set up with a physical or virtual Zoom phone. The project team needs to shut down the account used for the old phones and remove any remaining old phone equipment.

Some fun numbers:

  • 127 physical phones for faculty and staff
  • 172 physical phones for common areas
  • 60 call queues established for schools and departments
  • 13 auto receptionists configured for schools and departments
  • 3 different campus sites configured with phones - main campus, REDCAT, and downtown
  • 774 total users have a Zoom virtual phone number
  • 76,509 calls logged since Zoom phone was implemented

IT Teams: Infrastructure Operations, Customer Engagement

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

VPN replacement

Project description: Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software solution that allows users to access resources and services securely and can be used to allow users access to on-campus only resources from home while maintaining the security of those resources. CalArts current VPN solution is end-of-life as of 2020 and CalArts IT has been researching a better and more modern way of providing the same services instead of purchasing a similar VPN solution. 

Project status: The project team has reviewed Parallels Remote Access Service as a solution for certain VPN services and tested a proof of concept build. As a result, CalArts IT has purchased Parallels and has started reviewing configuration requirements.

IT Team: Infrastructure Operations

Estimated completion date: August 31, 2022

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