Self Service - Required Agreements

Students will need to update and/or confirm their Personal Information, Emergency Contacts, and accept the Required Agreements before they register for classes. In this section, we'll go over Required Agreements.

First let's head to SSO.CalArts.Edu and log in. Next click on Self Service.

Click on your username in the top, right-hand corner and select Required Agreements.

You'll see all the Required Agreements available to you, whether they've been accepted or not. To complete an agreement, find any with "Incomplete" as the staus and select "View" from the Action column.

You'll be presented with the agreement, the Directory Information Release in this case. Read the agreement and select "Accept" to continue. You can also print each agreement for your own records.

After accepting an agreement, the status will say "Accepted" with the date of acceptance.

After you've completed all your agreements, you're done! See here for Self Service - Adding Emergency Contacts, and Self Service - Setting Personal Information.

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