Self Service - Adding Emergency Contacts

Students will need to update and/or confirm their Personal Information, Emergency Contacts, and accept the Required Agreements before they register for classes. In this section, we'll go over Emergency Contacts.

When you first log in, you might have contact information already saved. If the information is correct, just hit the Confirm button.

When you see the Confirmed On date has updated, you can move on!

Adding or Editing Emergency Contact Information

Head to SSO.CalArts.Edu, log in, and open Self Service.

Click on your username in the top, right-hand corner and select "Emergency Information."

From there, we can start by clicking "Add New Contact." If you already have contacts that you'd like to edit, click the Pencil icon next to their information.

Enter your Emergency Contacts information. The fields with stars next to them are required. Then hit Add Contact.

Make sure at least one of your contacts is listed as the designated emergency contact.

After adding all the contacts you'd like to, scroll up and hit the "Confirm" button.

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