Troubleshooting Your Kannu Course Download

If you are unable to resolve your issue, please email Learn at  AND CalArts IT at

I requested a course download and still haven't gotten an email.


Courses with lots of large files can take a long time for Learn to export. All course files are compressed into a ZIP file to export. Generating these files is a processor intensive task. Particularly large courses can take up to one hour export. You may want to start the export at the end of the day and you should have a download link when you return in the morning.

If you have not received an email notifying you of a successful course download after 60 minutes,  please email Learn at  AND CalArts IT at

Videos are generally the largest type of files. More than a few videos will greatly increase the time. If you have existing local backups of these files, you are strongly encouraged to disable downloading media as shown in the image below.

How do I upload this zip file to Canvas?


Unfortunately, Kannu exports files in a proprietary format that is not compatible with Canvas or any other learning management systems. Using the Import Course Content tool in Canvas will result in error.

To add content to Canvas, you'll need to manually copy and paste.

1. Find your course download and unzip your course download.

2. Find an assignment, syllabus, quiz, or other .html file. In this example, we'll copy the syllabus.

3. Open the file in the web browser of your choice. In your browser menu, choose Edit > Select All and then Edit > Copy.

4. Paste it into the Rich Content Editor in Canvas. Click Update Syllabus or Save.

You may want to upload your video files to Panopto, our new video management system. You already have a personal folder with available storage. Once uploaded, it is easy to insert your videos into Canvas. You can learn more in the CalArts Canvas Learning Center.

I'm having trouble finding a specific file


Finding specific instructional content amid a potentially large number of files can be challenging. You will need to determine the correct location. Make sure to carefully review "Navigating Your Course Download."

Most files downloaded from Learn are full-text searchable. This means you can use the Find or Search feature in your operating system to search for a specific term or title. Some .PDFs may not result with full results.

1. Open your unzipped course download folder. Type your search query in the search box in the upper right corner.

2. On Macs, you'll want to make sure you are only searching in your course download folder. You will need to toggle the setting displayed in the screenshot below.

You can also search through video files with a few more steps. Upload your video files to Panopto (click here for a guide). All spoken and displayed text will be indexed and you'll be able to search through the videos. Once the videos are uploaded, just type your terms into the search box on the Panopto Home Page.

I got an email that says "Something went wrong and your course cannot currently be downloaded"


Learn can have trouble compressing and downloading certain files. Disabling content categories may allow the download to work. Disabling Student Content (coursework submissions) and Media (uploaded images and videos) should make most courses download.

If you are still unable to download your course, please email Learn at  AND CalArts IT at

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