How Do I: Download a Course from Learn/Access (Kannu)

Existing Learn courses can be downloaded to preserve instructional content. Downloaded content may also aid in importing content to Canvas, our new learning management system, but requires manually copying and pasting all content.

NOTE: Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. This process may fail to generate a download and you will need to reach out to Kadenze Support.

NOTE: Do not try to download multiple courses simultaneously. Only one course can be exported at a time. Please wait until you receive an email with a download link before trying another course. For large courses, this process can take up to 30 minutes.

What to check before downloading your course

Check for tools that don't exist in Canvas

Look throughout your course for any surveys, along with any point values. Look throughout your course for any gallery assessments, along with any point values. These assessment tool does not exist in Canvas and will need to be restructured as discussions.

Move video and audio files to Panopto

Video and audio files are often large in file size and can result in significantly longer processing times. If you have files stored locally, you are strongly encouraged to upload them to Panopto. Log-in to and click on the green Panopto tile. Follow these instructions to upload video and audio to your new Panopto folder.

Clean up content

Remove any unneeded or duplicate materials from Resources, and all content areas and content folders.

Downloading your course

Downloading a course creates a snapshot of a course that contains all content, records, and user activity like submissions, forum posts, etc. Users can download any course if they're the instructor.

  1. Open the course you would like to download.
  2. Go to Course Info > Export Course in the left navigation bar.
Export Course Button

3. Choose Download Course from the options.

4. Select which parts of the course you'd like included in your download.

  • Course Content: This is the content you've created for your course. You will want to enable all these (Sessions, Coursework, Resources, Announcements).
  • Student Content: This is the content created by your students, like forum posts and coursework submissions. Feel free to disable if you don’t need past student work.
  • Media: These are any media files you've uploaded to your course. It includes images, audio, video, and any other files that were uploaded as-is.
  • Large media downloads can take hours for Kannu to process. If you have local backups, courses will export much faster with media types disabled.

5. Click Export Course at the bottom of the menu. The system will start generating your ZIP download in the background, and you'll receive an email with a link to the download once it's complete. Remember to wait until you receive an email before downloading another course.

If you have trouble with your download, please click here to troubleshoot your course download.

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