Google Drive Storage Update

Google announced that they will be ending unlimited storage for Google Workspace for Education users, the system that CalArts utilizes across our community, in July 2022.

For our alumnx who utilize an email, your email account will not be going away and you will be able to retain and continue to use your account after July 2022.

However, Google’s limits on storage means that we have to prioritize the storage needs of our current students. As a result, the Google Drive storage associated with your account will likely be eliminated after you have graduated.

Students who have an address will migrate to an after they graduate, on August 1st (8/1)

Those Students who are about to graduate will have until August 1st (8/1) to backup all data from their Google Drive.  We are unable to restore data once it has been removed after the August 1st (8/1) deadline.

Please review this article for tips on migrating your data . If you have any questions or concerns, please email

We recommend that you login to your email account and take these initial steps to help understand and manage your storage usage: 

  • Confirm how much storage you are using;  
  • Review and delete large or unnecessary files in Drive and in Shared drives (you can sort from largest to smallest and eliminate the largest files first) as well as emails in Gmail;
  • Delete Drive files that you may have copied to a shared drive. If a file resides in two locations, it may be consuming twice your storage space;
  • Transfer important files to portable hard drives.
What are some backup and storage options for my data

There are a number of alternative (fee-based) options for Google Drive live storage:

Alternative options for archival/backup storage, for a fee, include:


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