Troubleshooting Self-Service

If you're not able to log into, that is a separate issue. Please see this article for instructions for signing into

You may experience issues with Self-Service while trying to view your bill, register for classes, or look at your financial aid documentation. These are some error messages you may see:

If you are encountering issues like the ones above, following these instructions to help diagnose and possibly solve the issue.

Incognito or Private Browsing

The fastest way to determine if your browser is the issue is to try accessing SelfService in a Private Window (Firefox) or an Incognito Window (Google Chrome).

First, open either Firefox or Google Chrome and open a Private or Incognito window. On Macs, you can open the "File" menu from the menubar and then hit "New Private Window". On PC, you can right click on any link and select "Open link in Private Window."

Head over to and login as normal. 

If you find that you're able to access SelfService with no issues, than there's a caching issue at play. See below for instructions on how to clear your cache and cookies in each browser.

If you receive the same issues or error messages in a private window, please submit a ticket at with the following information:

  • Full name as it appears on your registration
  • CalArts email address
  • Screenshots of any error messages or issues that you are finding in SelfService

Clearing Cache and Cookies

  1. In Firefox, open up Preferences/Settings.
  2. Then head to "Privacy and Security."


3. Scroll down to "Cookies and Site Data."

4. Select "Clear Data..."

5. Keep both boxes checked and hit "Clear."

6. Close Firefox and all open browser windows.

7. Head to and sign in using your CalArts credentials.

Google Chrome

1. From the home page, click the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the browser.

2. Navigate to "More Tools" and then to "Clear Browsing History."

3. Select "All Time" from the Time Range drop-down menu. Check all three boxes and hit "Clear Data."

6. Close Google Chrome and all open browser windows.

7. Head to and sign in using your CalArts credentials.

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