Faculty: Using Self-Service to Mentor Students

Self-Service Student Planning is a great tool for students to track and plan academic progress here at CalArts.

As a Mentor, you can use the Self-Service Advising module to view what courses your mentee has already taken, which courses they need to complete in their program, and review their proposed planned courses for upcoming semesters.

This guide will go over the various menus you may encounter as a Mentor and provide guides on completing the tasks you may be assigned.

Accessing the Advising Section

Login to Self-Service using your Hub credentials.

Click Advising.

You can also access Advising by clicking the left menu then selecting Daily Work -> Advising -> Advising Overview.

If you do not see the Advising link, please contact us at cait@calarts.edu

Mentee Progress : The Mentee Menu Explained

After selecting a student to view, you will see the student’s information and several tabs that allow you to view different components of that student’s academic history and planned courses. This chapter will describe each of these tabs.

Course Plan

Contains the student’s planned courses and registered courses. In the advisor view, you will be able to approve/deny planned courses. There are two different subtabs - the list and calendar subtab (which is what the student sees in their “Schedule” view in Student Planning).


This provides a quick glance at the student’s past, current and upcoming terms, as well as the courses and sections within.


Contains the student’s progress through their current program - this is also what the student sees in their My Progress area in Student Planning.

Course Catalog

Allows you to search for courses and sections using a variety of filters and add to your student’s plan.


Any notes your student has supplied when requesting their review appear here. This also allows you to add a note for your student. If a Mentor, Dean, Program Director, or Academic Advisor has left a note, they can all see the notes that have been shared.

Plan Archive

After you have completed your review, you can choose to archive the plan that was reviewed. Archived plans can be found here as PDF files. They contain the details of the student’s plan, what was approved/denied/registered/completed, as well as any notes the student included when requesting review.

Test Scores

Where you can see results of a student’s Admission, Placements, or other non-course related tests.

Unofficial Transcript

This hosts the student’s current unofficial transcript in PDF format.


Shows the Final grades of all official courses for the student.

Petitions & Waivers

For any course in which students are required to submit petitions or faculty are required to provide waivers, this shows these courses and their permission status.

Reviewing a Mentee’s Plan

When a student requests review, you will get an email notification - it will look similar to the example below.

When you log into the Advising section, you will see a check mark next to that student’s name, indicating that they have submitted a request for you to review them.

You will also see a notification at the upper right corner indicating one of your mentees has requested a review

Viewing Program Requirements

In addition to being able to see the courses the student has already planned, you are able to access their current progress, and view requirements they need to fulfill. To do so:

  1. Click the Progress tab, and scroll down. You will see all of the courses they have taken in the current program, and what courses are planned, as well as which courses are not planned/taken yet.
  2. Click on any of the courses that a student has not yet taken or planned - you may select a term, and add these to your student’s plan.

For example, the below student has a requirement of two classes from History & Cultures, none of which have been identified or planned yet. To find courses to plan, click the Search button on the right.

This will show all courses that fit this requirement. You can choose to filter further using the options on the left, or scroll down and select a course by clicking Add Course to Plan .

After clicking Add Course to Plan, you will see a description of the course, including any requisites it has. Select a term you would like the student to take this in, and then click Add Course to Plan.

Completing your Mentee’s Review

Before proceeding, be sure you have carefully reviewed the student’s plan and identified any other courses you wish to be added to that plan.

To complete your mentee's review:

1.  Access the Course Plan tab, and make sure you are in the List subtab. Navigate to the upcoming term.

2.  Select Course Plan, this will allow you to see their planned courses for the current term. You should see the four buttons listed below.

  • Approve - this lets the student know that they can go ahead and register for a section of this course.
  • Deny - this lets the student know they cannot register for a section of this course.
  • Lock - this prevents a course from being removed or moved within the student’s timeline.
  • Unlock - removes the above restriction on any “locked” course.

3.  Check the courses that you would like to approve, and then click the Approve button.

4.  Click the courses that you would like to deny, and then click the Deny button.

5.  If there are any courses you would like to lock, click these, and click the Protect button. Both approved or denied courses can be locked.

Removing a Mentee’s Planned Courses

Once your student has successfully registered, they may end up with remaining planned courses on the calendar that they did not end up registering for. To remove those planned courses:

In the Course Plan tab, switch from List to Calendar view. Make sure you are in a student’s upcoming term.

In the top right corner, click Remove Planned Courses.

When asked if you are sure, click Remove again.

Only the courses the student is registered or waitlisted for will remain on your student’s schedule.

Printing Your Mentee’s Upcoming Term Course Schedule

Once sections are added and registered, you can print your student’s schedule from the Calendar view.

  1. In the Course Plan tab, switch from List to Calendar view.
  2. Navigate to the term you want to print.
  3. Click the Print button at the upper left.

Completing the Review and Archiving a Plan

Once you are satisfied with your student’s plan, and have made all necessary changes/suggestions, you can complete the review.

  1. At the upper right, click Mentoring Complete. This will generate correspondence to the student to let them know that the mentoring session has been completed, and will provide a timestamp that you can observe on your list of mentees.
  2. Below this, click Review Complete.
  3. You will be asked if you would like to archive the plan. Click Yes, and this record will be added to the Plan Archive tab.

You can use the Plan Archive tab to produce a printable PDF of any plans you have archived for that student. This includes indication of all courses that were approved/denied, registered, planned, as well as the student’s notes to you.

Getting Help

If you experience any difficulties using Advising or any other features of Self-Service, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 661-451-0140 or via e-mail at registrar@calarts.edu.


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