Faculty: Submitting or Reviewing an Incomplete Contract Online

The online Incomplete Contract form should be used by any faculty who wish to submit an incomplete grade for a currently enrolled student. Incomplete grades require School or Program approval, and as such cannot be entered through the regular Hub grading roster. When posting grades at the end of the semester, faculty should skip the grade entry for any student who will be receiving an incomplete, then follow the steps below to submit the Incomplete Contract for approval. Once approved, the Registrar's Office will enter the "I" grade onto the student's transcript.

How Do I Create An Incomplete Contract online?

1.  Navigate to hubhelper.calarts.edu and sign in using your CalArts Credentials.

2.  In the menu below, choose Incomplete Contracts

Note: Your menu may display different icons or may appear in a different order depending on your access-level.

3.   To create a new contract, click the green button that says Create Contract +

4.  Two fields you'll need to input on the Incomplete Contract form are: Student ID and Course Number. Then press the blue validate buttons.

If validated, most of the remaining fields will populate.

Be sure to also fill out the Course School, Course Program, Work Remaining and Deadline Date fields.

At the bottom of the form, under the Submit section, ensure that there are no error messages (red x's shown above). You will not be able to submit until those errors are resolved.

5.  Once you receive 3 green checks (shown below), you can then Submit.  

After clicking submit, the Incomplete Contract Form is send to the selected program or department for approval.

Can I Check The Status Of A Form That I Submitted?

Yes! You can check the status of an Incomplete Contract by going to hubhelper.calarts.edu.

1.  Sign in with your CalArts Credentials.

2.  Click the icon for Incomplete Contracts

3.  Click on the Created tab, this will show you the current status, which program the contract is assigned to, and course information.

Approving, Rejecting, or Rerouting An Incomplete Contract

Each program has an assigned review coordinator for Incomplete Contract forms. If you are a review coordinator, follow the steps below to Approve, Reject or Reroute a contract.

1.  Navigate to hubhelper.calarts.edu and sign in using your CalArts Credentials.

2.  Click on the Incomplete Contracts icon (shown above).

3.  Click on the Assigned tab to see all the contracts currently assigned to your program.

4.  Select the contract you would like to review.

Approve: Contract is assigned to the Registrars Office to complete the Incomplete grading.

Reject: Contract is rejected. Student will not be assigned an Incomplete grade.

Reroute: Gives the program coordinator the option to assign to a different department if needed.

5.  Choose an action and select Process

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