The Buzz Dining Room Guide

Welcome to The Buzz Dining Room, a specially designed space equipped with advanced technology. This guide will walk you through the features and functionalities of the room's equipment and provide instructions for seamless usage.

All bookings of this room must go through the President's Office. Contact Kim Lawrence for more info.

Equipment Overview

The equipment in the room includes:

Tablet Room Controls

A large TV

A Zoom enabled camera

A speaker bar

In Room Microphone

Adjustable lighting

Powered curtains

Using the In-Room Technology

Powering on the Equipment

1. Walk over to the Tablet Room Control on the wall, left of you, as you enter the room.

2. If not already launched-- Launch the Zoom RoomController app on the home screen.

3. Click on the Room Controls menu option (on the left)

Starting a Zoom Meeting

Click Meeting On in the Room Controls screen. This will power on the TV and change the output to Zoom.

This will bring you back to the Zoom Remote Dashboard. Click on Home.

Choose either New Meeting, Join a Meeting, or Share Screen to get started.

You can invite people to a New Meeting if one hasn't been scheduled beforehand. Check out this article for more details.

Camera Features & Settings

Once you've connected to a meeting, you will see various options on the tablet:

Stop Video

Currently when hitting Stop Video the TV screen will turn off and the Zoom meeting will be muted from the speakers, however the meeting has not ended. Simply start video to be brought back to the meeting.

We are working with the vendor to fix this issue.


Click this button to see various View Options, like Gallery mode, Speaker mode and the new Dynamic View:

Camera Control

Zoom Room cameras offer advanced functionalities to enhance your video conferencing experience. We'll delve into two key features: Autoframing and MultiStream. Understanding these features will help you optimize camera controls and elevate your meetings to the next level.


Auto-Framing is an intelligent feature that automatically adjusts the framing of the camera to keep participants centered and visible within the frame. Here's a breakdown of its functionality:

  • Dynamic Tracking: Auto-framing uses sophisticated algorithms to detect and track the movements of participants in the room.
  • Optimal Framing: Based on participant movements, the camera dynamically adjusts its framing to ensure everyone remains centered and visible.
  • Seamless Transitions: Auto-framing facilitates smooth transitions between participants, ensuring a seamless meeting experience.
  • Hands-Free Operation: With Auto-framing, users can focus on their meetings without the need for manual camera adjustments.

MultiStream enables Zoom Room cameras to capture and stream multiple video feeds simultaneously, offering diverse perspectives of the room

Speaker & Microphone Volume

The microphone is near the far end of the table, and is hanging from the ceiling. It is a 360º microphone designed to capture all directions of sound in the room.

To check the audio levels of the microphone, in the Zoom meeting-- hit Settings.

Hit the arrow next to Microphone: EasyUSB Mixer/Amp

Once in the Microphone Settings, feel free to Test Microphone to verify how it sounds.

If you notice any issues with the microphone, please submit a ticket at or give us a call.

Speaker Volume

There are volume presets in the Zoom RoomController app in the Room Controls menu:

To change Speaker Volume further, you'll need to leave the Zoom App and open Savant

In Savant, click on the icon for 'Audio'

Adjust the slider to change the speaker volume

Playing Music

From the Zoom App, click on Room Controls > Music Player (On)

There is a default station programmed to play through a free Pandora account. Contact IT if you would like to change the music.

Sharing your Computer Screen
Sharing Screen inside of A Zoom Meeting

Click on the Green Share Content button

Follow the instructions on the screen to share your screen according to your device.

Sharing Screen, No Zoom Meeting

On the home screen of the Zoom App, click Share Content

Follow the instructions on the screen to share your screen according to your device.

Physical Buttons

Lights & Curtains

Light and curtain controls are also available in the Savant App on the iPad.

Contact for any issues in The Buzz!

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