Faculty: Organizing Content


Three significant features in Canvas will influence how students interact with course materials once instructors add content to a course:

  • Course Home Page serves as the landing page for students each time they access the course.
  • Course Modules create a linear flow and organize content by weeks, units, or a different structure.
  • Course Settings allow instructors to enable or disable features in a course.

Home Page

Faculty can change a Course Home Page to one of five layout options: the Recent Activity Dashboard, Pages Front Page, the Course Modules, the Assignment List, or the Syllabus.


Modules are the key tool you will use to provide structure to your course. Organize content by weeks, units, or a different structure. Add files, discussions, assignments, quizzes, and other learning materials. Require prerequisites to be completed before moving to a module or next module item, or lock an entire module until a specific date.

Course Settings

Update course settings such as users and sections, and modify Course Navigation links from the Settings link.

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