Panopto Overview

Panopto is a tool that can be used for recording or uploading lectures and slides, screen casting, video streaming, or embedding videos. Panopto media can also contain additional content such as notes, bookmarks, and quizzes. Media stored in Panopto can also easily blend into tools like Canvas, our Learning Management System. Files are permanently available and there are no storage space limits in Panopto. In short, Panopto is kind of like a CalArts YouTube.

If you have a video or audio that you have already recorded, it is easy to upload. You can also record PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, as well as video and audio presentations from your desktop or laptop computer. Additionally, while Canvas has dedicated discussion and quiz tools, Panopto also has those features built in.

Panopto also offers a wide range of other instructional benefits:

  • Video uploads to Panopto are not tied to the quota on your Canvas site, so you can post large files and numerous videos to Panopto and have it available on Canvas.
  • You can use Panopto's editor to trim and splice media.
  • You can schedule when a video will be viewable to students.
  • Each video has a discussion board, content bookmarking, and time-stamped notes
  • All videos processed in Panopto have automatic ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which can be used to search through the video. For example, if a presentation mentions “Foucault” or that word appears on a slide, students can search and jump right to that point in a video.
  • Viewing analytics are available for each video.
  • Students can upload their own media files.
  • You create live webcasts, with participant chat option.
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