Panopto Zoom Limitations

What happens after creating a Zoom meeting in Canvas

  • Every meeting date and time will auto-populate on the Canvas Calendar.
  • Each meeting will generate an email notification.
    • Recommendation: set up recurring meetings prior to publishing a Canvas course to prevent overwhelming students with notifications.
  • Meetings will also appear in the Zoom web portal.
  • Cloud recordings will auto-appear in Canvas and for most courses, load to the Panopto Course Videos tool (some schools do not use Panopto).
  • To completely delete cloud recordings, be sure to delete in both Zoom and Panopto.
  • When possible, meeting details (title, password, date, etc.) should be made in Canvas.
  • Changing details in the Zoom web portal will reflect in the Canvas Zoom tool but will not reflect in the Canvas Calendar.

Common tasks requiring Zoom web portal

Some actions cannot be completed from the Canvas Zoom integration. Once meetings are scheduled through Canvas, go to the Zoom web portal for the following tasks.

  • Pre-assign breakout rooms
  • Manual creation of poll questions 
    • CSV upload option available through Canvas
  • Enable downloading of videos
  • Host downloading cloud recordings
  • Snip out beginning and/or end of cloud recordings
    • Downloads of snipped cloud recordings will include the entire unedited recording (including snipped portions)
  • Delete select cloud recording files for a could recording

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Official CalArts email address (not personal email) must be listed as the default in Canvas
  • Only hosts can import meetings into Canvas
  • Imported Zoom meetings will not auto-populate recordings into Panopto
  • Zoom webinars cannot be imported into the Canvas Zoom integration
  • Meetings or cloud recordings scheduled in the web portal using Personal Meeting IDs can not be imported into Canvas
  • Recording links added to Modules should be set to open in a new tab
    • Zoom cloud recording videos may load in an embedded format in Canvas
  • Cannot create section-specific meetings 
  • Can only add co-hosts during a meeting
    • Alternative hosts can be added in advance
  • By default, only hosts can download recordings
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