Schedule a Zoom Meeting from Within Canvas

Initial Configuration Process

1. Click on the "Zoom" menu item (in your Canvas course left navigation) to launch the Zoom interface inside of your Canvas course.

Zoom button in course navigation bar

2. From within the Zoom interface, click on "Schedule a New Meeting" and enter the meeting details, date, time, and duration of your class session.

3. Select your Zoom meeting settings including:

  • Enable join before host.
  • Mute participants upon entry.
  • If you will be recording your class meeting, we recommend that you set the recording to be stored "in the cloud".
Zoom meeting settings

4. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the Zoom interface and click "Save". Your meeting should show up in the Canvas course calendar.

Zoom Settings

Most settings in the Zoom meeting settings are self-explanatory but some settings to consider include: 

  • Registration: The registration option helps restrict your meeting to only participants who are pre-registered or accepted by the host. This can help prevent unwanted attendees from joining, but there are other simpler options that we recommend utilizing before relying on the registration feature for security.
  • Security:
    • Waiting Room: The waiting room is the most effective way to reduce unwanted participants from joining your meeting. The host will receive a visual notification when a participant enters the waiting room and has the option to admit all (best for the beginning of class) or manually admit or remove individuals. When an individual is removed from the waiting room, they will not be able to attempt to rejoin.
    • Only authenticated users can join meetings: Checking this box will require meeting participants to log in to Zoom with their Zoom credentials to participate in the meeting. Participants will need to select "Sign in with SSO" and type in "CalArts" for the domain when joining with their CalArts Zoom account.
  • Audio: By default, the option is set to both Telephone and Computer Audio so that participants can call in if they don't have reliable Wi-Fi. We recommend leaving this setting on "Both" for this reason.
  • Meeting Options:
    • Enable join before host: This option allows for participants to join the meeting and start talking to/seeing other participants before the host joins. Otherwise, participants will see a screen that says "Waiting for host to begin meeting" until the host starts. We recommend leaving this setting unchecked. 
    • Mute participants upon entry: Enabling this option helps limit noise, especially for large meetings where participants may be chatting and getting settled in for the meeting.
    • User Personal Meeting ID: The best way to prevent unwanted participants in your meetings is to stick with the randomly generated meeting ID, but there is the option to use your personal meeting ID if you desire. This can be customized on your profile settings at
    • Recording the meeting automatically: This option allows for the meetings to begin recording as soon as the meeting begins. The recording can be stopped and restarted at any point. It is important to note that if the "Enable join before host" option is checked in addition to this automatic recording option, any time that a participant click on the link (even as a test or in the middle of the night) a recording will begin. To avoid these unwanted recordings, it helps to either disable the join before host option or to Enable the waiting room, which only the host can allow participants into the meeting.
  • Alternative hosts: This field will auto-populate with the other instructors of the course, and you can assign additional hosts or remove hosts as desired. 

Canvas Settings

Import and Disassociate Meetings

  1. Select the Canvas course where you want to use Zoom.
  2. Click Zoom from the course navigation menu to launch the app.
  3. To import and disassociate Zoom meetings, click the ellipsis adjacent to the Schedule a Meeting button.
  4. Click either Import Meetings or Disassociate Meetings. You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID.

Manage Alternative Hosts

  1. Select the Canvas course where you want to use Zoom.
  2. Click Zoom from the course navigation menu to launch the app.
  3. To manage alternative hosts, click the ellipsis adjacent to the Schedule a Meeting button.
  4. Click Manage Alternative Hosts to manage the default alternative hosts for your Zoom meetings created within Canvas.
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