Migrating data from Google Drive to FileCloud

Moving data from Drive to FileCloud is straightforward, but requires some time. In order to fully move files off of Google Drive, you need to download them, upload them to FileCloud, and then delete them from Drive. You can do this by downloading only the files you need, piecemeal, or by downloading the entire contents of your Google Drive.

Be warned that this zip file may be quite large depending on how many files you have stored in Google Drive. Ensure that you have more than enough space available on your computer before downloading.

Log into GMail via sso.calarts.edu and open Google Drive.

When you click on the My Drive tab, you will be presented with everything that is in your personal Google Drive

Highlight everything by holding your mouse button and dragging a box around all the files and folders or by hitting Ctrl+a on PC/Command+a on Mac. With everything selected, you can either right-click and select “Download” or click the download button at the top:

This will generate a zip file and save it to your computer.

You now need to un-zip the folder. You can double click on the .zip file on Mac, or right-click on PC and select “Extract All.” This will create a new folder with all the contents from your Drive unzipped. They are now ready for upload.

Head to filecloud.calarts.edu or click on the tile from the SSO page. Once you login, you can click on “My Files” and click the “Add Files and Folders button”

You can upload the entire un-zipped folder, or upload files and folders individually for more control.

Once all the files are uploaded, the final step is to delete them from Google Drive. Head back to Drive, highlight everything again, and click “Send to Trash.” If desired, the files can also be deleted off of your computer.

Your files will be deleted in 30 days. If you wish to delete them immediately, head to the Trash section on the left-hand side, and hit the “Empty Trash” button.

You’ve successfully migrated from Drive to FileCloud!

Migrating data from Google Drive Application to FileCloud

Some users might have the Google Drive application installed on their computer. If so, you do not need to download your files as a .zip.

Check that your Google Drive is configured for Mirror Mode by opening the application and clicking on “Preferences.”

If you wish, you can change from “Stream files” to “Mirror files” which will begin downloading all of your files locally.

When all your files are downloaded, you can upload directly to FileCloud using the steps described in “Migrating data from Google Drive to FileCloud,” or by dragging and dropping files from the Google Drive folder into the web interface.

After the upload is complete, you need to delete the files from Google Drive using the steps described in “Migrating data from Google Drive to FileCloud.”

Thank you for your patience in moving from Google Drive to FileCloud!

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