Faculty: How to use the Online Grade Change form

Where is the Online Grade Change form?

The Online Grade Change is housed in HubHelper you can get there one of two ways:

Once you're in Hub Helper click on the icon that says Online Grade Changes (or the Apps button at the top of the screen and you'll see it in the drop-down menu)

When should I use it?

The Online Grade Change form is used in two situations:

  1. You want to change a grade that has already been submitted for a student.
  2. The grading period has closed and you need to submit your initial grades.

The Online Grade Change Form

  • If you are changing an already submitted grade for a student please fill out as many of the text fields as you have information for.  If the Registrar's Office needs any clarification, or as a question, they will contact you.
  • If you're submitting your initial grades for a class complete each area of the form except for Original Grade (since there isn't an original grade).  There is not, unfortunately, a method to submit all your grades at once.  This process submits the grades for one student at a time.
  • Make sure you check the confirmation box before clicking Submit.
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