How Do I: Check My Balance in PaperCut?

Starting in Spring semester of 2016 the Library transitioned to a new print payment system called PaperCut.  Unlike the old cash-based print card system, PaperCut uses a credit card to add funds and gives you much more information about your printing history and control over your account.

Log in to Your PaperCut Account

In your browser of choice go to and login to the page using your CalArts Credentials.

This is the same login information you would normally use to get into the Hub or CASecure (the campus wireless network).

Log in to Your PaperCut Account

The Summary Page

Right away after signing in you'll see the Summary page.

This is where you can view your current balance, total print jobs, and total pages printed. There is also a graph showing your account balance over the last 30 days.

View Transaction History

To see more detailed information on previous transactions select Transaction History from the menu on the left.

This will show your entire transaction history, including: print usage, transfers, and credit card payments.


If you have any questions about what you see in your PaperCut profile you can ask either the Library staff or IT!

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