How Do I: Setup Skylight (VPN) with Windows?

The Windows setup for Skylight (the CalArts VPN) is fairly straightforward.  These instructions are written using Firefox, but any major browser will have a similar experience. And although we're using Windows 10 for this guide, these steps will work for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Before going through this guide make sure you've setup your Two Factor Authentication method.  You won't be able to login without it!

If you have any trouble don't hesitate to send us a note and we'll be happy to lend a hand!

1. Go to

Go to

2. Login with your Hub Credentials

Make sure to enter only your username, do not include

Login with your Hub Credentials

3. Confirm your login DuoMobile (Two Factor Authentication)

Whether you're using the Duo Mobile app in iOS or Android, or if you've elected to receive an automated phone message, confirm your login to get to the next step.

Confirm your login DuoMobile (Two Factor Authentication)

4. Download either the 32-bit or 64-bit package

Most versions of Windows 7 will use the 64-bit Win64 package.  If you aren't sure what your computer has send us a note and we can guide you through the process!

In this guide we're going to use the CalArtsVPN Win64 download.

Download either the 32-bit or 64-bit package

4.1. If you're using Chrome

Chrome has a standard security feature that scans downloaded files and attempts to warn you if something doesn't look right.  

In Skylight's case it contains executable files needed to set it up that Chrome thinks may be dangerous.  These files are legitimate and do not contain any threats.

If you're using Chrome

4.2. Click Keep

This may display differently on your computer, but see that little up arrow?  Click on that and select Keep to confirm the download and proceed with the installation.

Click Keep

5. Download the file to whichever location you'd like

Usually this will be a Downloads folder.  

If you're using Firefox you might see a link to Show All Downloads which is an easy way of finding the file once it's done downloading.  

Clicking on the small folder icon on the right hand side will take you to the file we need!

6. Extract the files to a folder

Extract the file to a folder and look for SSLVPNSetup_x64.exe inside.

Extract the files to a folder

7. Run MotionProSetup_x64.exe

There are no changes we need to make during the installation, so keep going through the installation until it's completed!

The install process will take a minute or two.  When it's completed you'll see a Finish button, which will automatically launch Skylight, the CalArts VPN.

8. Click the Connect button

MotionPro does not come pre-configured. Click on the Profile, then Add button to enter the correct configuration.

Enter the information below to correctly configure MotionPro, and click Save.

Click the Connect button

Next, double-click on the VPN profile and enter your CalArts Credentials (HUB username/password).

9. Confirm your login with DuoMobile (Two Factor Authentication)

Remember that each time your username and password are used to login you will need to authorize it using your Two Factor Authentication method!

Confirm your login with DuoMobile (Two Factor Authentication)

10. Look for the Red 'A' in your taskbar

Find the red 'A' in your taskbar and doubleclick it to bring up the CalArts VPN window.

Look for the Red 'A' in your taskbar

11. How to Confirm You're Connected

The easiest way to confirm you're using the VPN is to look for the VPN connected status.  But if you want to really make sure you're using it you can click on VPN and then click on Status.

If your Assigned IP Address starts with a 10 then you are all set!  You will now be able to access everything that you would when you're using your computer on campus!

Now if you're even more curious you can click on the Network Resource tab, which will show you all the parts of the network you have access to.  This is what we're going to look at if you encounter any trouble accessing anything through the VPN.

12. How to Disconnect

If MotionPro is idle for a sufficient time (an hour or two) it will auto-disconnect.  If you'd rather disconnect manually when you're done using it, just right-click on the profile and select the Disconnect button.

You'll know it is disconnected when the status disappears and the button becomes a Connect button!

How to Disconnect

13. When you want to Connect in the Future

Just look for the red 'A' icon on your desktop.  Doubleclick to launch Skylight and you'll be able to connect in no time!

When you want to Connect in the Future
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