How Do I: Make sure I'm signed out of my email?

The last thing any of us want is to find out that somebody else has access to our email account.  Google has made the default behavior of their email interface to save your username and password when you log in, which is great when you're on your own computer but potentially terrible if you're on a public computer (like in the Library)!

Lately we've been noticing more and more email accounts being accidentally left logged in around the Library!

How do I protect myself?

Even if you don't think you use your email for anything important, if someone has access to it they can reset your Student Services password, see your payroll information from HubTime, and anything else that is connected to your account.  This would be very, very bad.  Thankfully there are some really simple ways to make sure that doesn't happen, and things you can do just in case it does!

1) Sign Out Of Your Account

By default you'll see this little box checked when you sign in to your CalArts email account:


All you need to do once you're done with your email is click on your profile picture (if you have one, otherwise it'll be your email address) in the upper right hand corner, and go to Sign Out:


Alternatives to Signing Out

Obviously signing out is the surest method of making sure your account isn't easily accessed when you leave a computer, but there are alternative ways depending on what computer or browser your using!

Use a Private Browser Session

Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all offer a way to not save any session information (cookies, etc).  When you do this and close your browser all stored information is deleted, making it a safe (reasonably, anyway) way to check your mail, social media, or other sites that require a login.

If you're in the Library

All CalArts Library computers use Deep Freeze, a program that "locks" in the files and settings of a computer to prevent any changes.  If you have an overabundance of caution you can restart the computers to return them to the exact state they were at before you signed in!

Don't Underestimate the Value of Your Privacy

Your email address is unique, something that may be one element used to identify you as you (for password resets, etc).  If your account gets compromised your person information could be at risk.  From financial information to personal privacy, don't underestiamte the value of your privacy lightly!

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