How Do I: Sync Multiple Calendars on my iPhone or iPad?

One Calendar (By Default)

iPhone's and iPad's handle your primary Google Calendar really well.  However, if you have multiple calendars in your account these devices don't always behave like you'd expect or want.  

In this example Chris Cuttriss has five calendars (one of which, Tasks, isn't enabled).  


Add Your CalArts Account to iOS

If you do not have your Google (CalArts) email account on your iOS device head over to your Settings app.  In there you'll need to scroll down and find Mail, Contacts, Calendars then click on Add Account.


Tap the Google logo and you'll be taken to the screen where you can enter your account details.

If you are familiar with Exchange and prefer to use that method it is supported by Google, but we prefer to use IMAP.


If you use 2-step authentication, you'll need to use an an application-specific password instead of your regular password.

At the next screen you'll be asked what you want to sync.  We strongly advise against syncing Contacts.  Google treats any person you've ever email's as a contact and may flood your device with unwanted email addresses!

Chris is using a third party application to manage his mail so he has elected not to sync Mail, but is syncing Calendars and Notes.


Sync Your Other Calendars

When you've selected what you want to sync you should open Safari and go here:

You can also go to this site on a computer, but for the purposes of this article we're going to stick with the phone to show you how it looks.


You can see that the four Calendars that were originally enabled show up under My Calendars, and any other calendars that are shared with Chris are listed underneath there.  If you are able to edit another calendar beyond your own it will show up here as well.

Once you've selected the calendars you want to sync just scroll down on the page and tap Save.  After a few minutes the calendars will begin to sync!

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