Policy - Rights and Responsibilities of Users and of the Institute

Rights and Responsibilities of Users and of the Institute

A person's directory, files, e-mail, or Web page are considered confidential. Any attempt to access, monitor, read, copy, change, or delete files or email without explicit permission of CalArts IT is prohibited. Although users utilize individual passwords to access their accounts, the Institute cannot guarantee complete confidentiality in those transmissions. The Institute is not responsible for back-up of personal data stored on CalArts Network computer systems and bears no responsibility for the loss of user data due to system failure, user error or any other cause. Individuals are responsible for making their own back-up of personal files. The Institute honors individual privacy, but reserves the right to monitor communications and/or usage when there is just cause, (e.g., to remove or compress inappropriate or large files or to investigate user directories and files which may be causing, or be affected by, a system problem, may be suspected of unauthorized use or misuse, or may be corrupted or damaged). Individuals should be aware as well that files might be subject to search under court order if such files are suspected of containing information that could be used as evidence in a court of law.

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