Policy - Appropriate Access and Use

Appropriate access and use policy

Access to CalArts resources, whether local or remote, requires that individuals act responsibly and courteously, respecting the rights of others, the integrity of the information systems, and all related resources. Complaints regarding misuse of CalArts resources will be directed to those responsible for taking appropriate disciplinary actions. CalArts IT, or the appropriate laboratory manager, will handle some infractions informally. Other violations will be documented and referred to the Office of Student Affairs or the appropriate CalArts administrative authority. Penalties range from reprimand to loss of account, loss of access to the network, and referral to Institute, state and/or federal authorities for further action.

Misuse of a CalArts account includes unauthorized access to system files and files of other users, attempting to disrupt the integrity of the system(s), and use of accounts belonging to other people. Misuse also includes violation of federal or state law, violation of Institute regulations or policies, such as abusive or harassing behavior in language or image, and deliberately wasting or overloading computer resources.

Attempts to access unauthorized machines via the computer network, to decrypt encrypted materials, or to obtain privileges to which the individual is not entitled is prohibited per Public Law 98-473, Chapter XXI. Manipulation of files, access to unauthorized parts of CalArts systems, network, or computers, attempts to circumvent data protection schemes, to discover security loopholes, or possession of software designed to accomplish these ends is prohibited.

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