Policy - Email Accounts

Email accounts policy

CalArts email and the Hub are the core means of communication from the Institute and will be used for all official communications. The Institute does not maintain personal email addresses.

Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni are assigned one account for individual use. Sharing an individuals' CalArts account with another person is prohibited. Passwords should be protected from discovery or use by others. If a password is made available to others, the account holder will still be held accountable for any actions that may arise from the use of the account by another.

Student accounts do not expire. Faculty and staff accounts may be canceled upon termination of employment with CalArts. Any account which is inactive for more than six months may be deleted. Students and Alumni may reapply for a new account at any time.

Student, Faculty, and Staff who choose to forward their email to a different email address do so at their own risk. CalArts is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the transmission or access of email forwarded to a different address.

CalArts uses a service to archive Faculty and Staff email and retains a one year archive of all mail sent to, and received from, your CalArts email account.

Faculty, Staff, and Student email addresses are automatically added to the “Faculty”, “Staff” and "Student" distribution lists respectively in order for employees and students to receive timely information from the Institute.

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