Policy - Information Security

Secure Your and CalArts' Confidential Data

With the proliferation of ways to send, store, and upload information, it is of paramount importance that private information be kept private.  Informational security is critical to the success of CalArts.  Personnel, student, financial, health, and library information maintained by CalArts is considered confidential.  Access to this confidential information and any other information made confidential by law and/or CalArts policy is limited to those individuals whose position requires use of this information.  

Sharing CalArts' Account Credentials

Sharing an CalArts account with another person is prohibited with the exception of a departmental, or in rare cases of intentionally shared accounts.  Passwords should be protected from discovery or use by others.  If a password is made available to others the account holder will still be held accountable for any actions that may arise from the use of the account by another.   

Personal and Financial Data

Per CalArts IT policy, the information list below should NEVER appear in any email message, email attachment, Google Document, cloud sharing, removable drive, or be stored in any file on your computer hard drive.  This is extremely important, as personally identifiable and financial information accessed by an unauthorized party can be extremely damaging.

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Driver's license numbers (or State ID numbers)
  • Financial information (bank account numbers, routing numbers, etc)
  • Credit card numbers
  • Medical Information
  • CalArts computer passwords

Sharing & Cloud Storage

Information that is eligible to be shared should be accessed through Google Drive.

We strongly advise against using a service like Dropbox: CalArts IT does not, and cannot, control information in Dropbox accounts if improper files are uploaded to it or if any other events were to occur that required access to an account.  CalArts IT requires supervisor approval before installing Dropbox on any CalArts-owned computer.

We urge the CalArts community to consider security implications before putting potentially sensitive files on Dropbox and other cloud storage services -- regardless if the account is on a personal or CalArts owned device!

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