Where Can I Get Wireless Access on Campus?

Occasionally we're asked "where can I get wireless access?"  To which we reply, "everywhere!"  If you're anything like us, however, that answer doesn't satisfy your curiosity.  So, with that in mind, here are the heatmaps of the wireless signal!  

These represent the worst-case scenario, using the 5Ghz spectrum (which cannot travel as far as the 2.4Ghz signal that most devices use), so consider this a service baseline.  We'll be working on getting more of these up soon for Chouinard, Tatum, and the rest of campus (especially for 2.4Ghz)!

Main Building - 3rd Floor


Main Building - 2nd Floor


Main Building - 1st Floor


Main Building - Sublevel



If you find an area on campus with unexpectedly limited wireless signal please let IT know!

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