How Do I: Setup Skylight (VPN) on a Mac?

This article assumes that you have completed the Duo Mobile setup of Two Factor Authentication.

1. Log in to Skylight

Login to using the same username and password you would use for the Hub.

Keep in mind that you need to complete the Duo Mobile setup of Two Factor Authentication before you can complete this guide.

In your browser of choice go to and login

2. Download the VPN Installer

We call the VPN service Skylight, but the program itself is MotionPro.

Click on CalArtsVPN Mac to download the setup package

Download the VPN Installer

3. Find and Open the Downloaded MotionPro File

This will be wherever your browser puts your download files, usually in the Downloads folder.

You'll be looking for a file called something similar to ArrayMotionProSetup_MacOS_vX.X.X.dmg, where the X's relate to the version number of the file which will change whenever the file is updated.

Find and open the "CalArtsVPN" folder

4. Double Click on MotionPro.pkg

Open the MotionPro.pkg file to run the installer.  

Microsoft Remote Desktop is provided as well but is not required.  If you want to use Microsoft Remote Desktop drag that to the Applications folder on the right.  If you don't know what you would use Microsoft Remote Desktop for it's best to ignore it.

There are no specific settings necessary during the installation process, so just keep going through until it tells you everything is complete!

Click and Drag "ArraySSLVPN.cfg" to the Documents folder

5. Go to Applications and Open MotionPro

This would also be a good time to drag MotionPro on to your Dock as well!

Click and Drag the "CalArtsVPN" folder to Applications

6. Add the Skylight Profile

Go to Applications and open the "CalArtsVPN" folder

7. Double-Click on Skylight and Test your VPN!

Use your CalArts username and password (the same one for the Hub) and click Log In.  

Make sure you have your phone nearby (or whichever other way you've selected for two-factor authentication) before you login.

Double-click on "Install"
8. Disconnecting from Skylight

Skylight will automatically disconnect you after a long period of inactivity (or if your computer goes to sleep), but if you want to disconnect yourself it's really easy!

  1. Right click on Skylight in the main MotionPro window and click Disconnect
  2. Or click on the red A logo in the upper right hand corner of your screen and click Disconnect
  3. Or click MotionPro in the upper left hand corner and click Quit MotionPro

9. That's it!

Once you see Connected underneath the Status you're all set!  

Skylight lets you connect to on-campus resources like fileshares, printers, etc, but won't interfere with your home network (or wherever else you are) or the devices.  For instance, if you have a network printer at home Skylight does not prevent that from working.  

If you have any trouble with Skylight or have any questions please don't hestiate to send us a ticket!

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