How Do I: Setup Duo Mobile on a Phone or Tablet?

Two factor authentication provides a secondary security check when accessing sensitive information and resources. We require both a password and an secondary approval to log in to the VPN. This prevents someone from accessing resources they shouldn't if a password is compromised. Here is a comprehensive guide to what services or websites support two-factor authentication.

CalArts uses a service called Duo Mobile to facilitate two-factor authentication. You can use Duo Mobile to secure Google, Amazon, and a bunch of other accounts, but for this guide we're focusing on Skylight.

Before You Begin:

  • Use a computer (Firefox or Chrome) for the first 6 steps, don't use a mobile device to setup Duo Mobile.
  • If cookies are disabled you were receive an error (at which point just send us a note and we'll be happy to help).
  • It would be best to download Duo Mobile on your device before you start: iPhone/iPad, Android

In this guide we're going to use an iPhone, but the process is virtually identical if you have a different kind of device.

1. Open a web browser and go to

Use the same username and password that you would use for the Hub!

Open a web browser and go to

2. Click on the Start setup button

Click on the Start setup button

3. Select Mobile Phone and click Continue

If you have an iPad select Tablet on this step.  You'll then select iOS and be taken straight to Step 6!

Select Mobile Phone and click Continue

4. Enter (and confirm) your mobile number

Your phone number is used to identify your device if you have multiple registered methods for two-factor authentication.

Enter (and confirm) your mobile number

5. Select iPhone as your Device

If you don't want to use the app and prefer to receive a automated phone call choose the Other option.

Remember if you're not using an iPhone make sure to select whichever platform you're on.

Select iPhone as your Device

6. Install the Duo Mobile app

Tab the home button on the bottom of the device and find the App Store.  Search for Duo Mobile and download the app to your iPhone.

Install the Duo Mobile app

7. Scan the QR Code

Scanning the QR code with your phone will establish the two-factor connection with Duo Mobile.

We're not showing the QR code for this step for security reasons.  Suffice to say it looks similar to the stop below, just without the green checkmark!

8. Click Continue

If the QR code does not have a green check mark just click on the "Having problems?" link to be choose an alternative confirmation method.

Click Continue

9. Confirm your Settings & Devices

Check the box next to Automatically send me a: if it isn't already checked, then click the Save button.  

If you're on an iPhone you likely supplied your phone number and will have a second option other than Duo Push.  We recommend keeping Duo Push as the only selected notification method.

Click Done when you're finished.

Confirm your Settings & Devices

10. Test the Push notification

Click the Send me a Push button on your computer.  

Test the Push notification

11. Approve the Login Request on your iPhone or iPad

You should receive a notification on your phone that says Login Request: Array SSL VPN.

Approve the Login Request on your iPhone or iPad

12. Setup Skylight on your Computer

Once you've confirmed that two-factor authentication is up and running you can move right along to installing Skylight!  

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