Faculty: How Do I Check My Waitlist?

Checking Your Waitlist

(A PDF version that may be easier to read is available at the bottom of this page)

If you have chosen to have a waitlist for one or more of your classes, students will be able to sign up on the waitlist if the class is full. Students on the waitlist will be notified when a seat opens up, and have 2 days to register before the seat moves to the next student on the list. If your class is full and a student asks to be placed in the class, they will need to sign up on the waitlist and wait for an open seat.

To view a list of students on your waitlist, first click on “Class Roster” to see your list of classes, and select the class section you are interested in:


This will open the list of registered students.  Scroll down to the bottom and select “Show Waitlisted Students”


The complete list will show students who are registered and those on the waitlist.  To verify their status, check the Status column.  Registered students will have a status of “New” and, and waitlisted students will have a status of “Wait”.  Note that student names and other information will also appear, but have been blocked from this example.  


A PDF version of these instructions are available below.

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