Faculty: Using the Hub, Hub Time and Self Service

The Hub is your central location for accessing various information and is built and tailored for the CalArts community. It also contains easy-to-remember access to tools such as Hub Time and Self Service which provides online class rosters, grading, and mentee information for CalArts faculty members.  

Logging In to the Hub

Go to hub.calarts.edu and log in with your username and password.

The Hub uses its own set of credentials separate from your email. That said, your username should be your email address minus the @calarts.edu

ex. slatreille

If you are unable to log in, and you would like to reset your credentials, click here.

Your login page should look like the screenshot below. The menu on the left will be how you navigate the Hub.

Hub Time

Hub Time is where you will be filling out your time sheet, approving the time sheets of others, as well as other tasks related to payroll. For a detailed guide on using Hub Time click here.

To get to this section, click Hub Time on the left menu (you may need to scroll down).

Self Service

Self Service is where you can complete several tasks related to student enrollment, including finding your roster, managing Mentees, and enrolling in classes. To learn more visit our guide on using Self Service.

You can access Self Service by clicking Self Service on the left hand menu.

You may be prompted to sign in again. Use the same credentials you used to sign into the Hub.

Once you are signed in select Faculty for class schedule, class rosters, grading, and Mentee Information.

My Mentees

For detailed instructions on managing Mentees click here.

Class Schedule, Roster, Grading and Waitlist

Sign into Self Service and click Faculty. The Faculty Overview section will load, on this page you should see your class schedule listed.

Clicking on the class title/section will take you to a new page where you will see tabs for various class content. You can view the class roster, attendance, grading, books, permissions and the waitlist by choosing the corresponding tab.


For a step by step guide on submitting grades, click here.


Student academic records are protected under FERPA (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act). By the nature of your position at CalArts, you have access to information that you may need to use for mentoring a student. You may not share this information with anyone without the written consent of the student.


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