Planned Maintenance Schedule

CalArts Information Technology (CAIT) maintains regular maintenance windows for CalArts servers and services.  During these times services should be considered unreliable.  

During normal operation CAIT's planned maintenance windows are:

Monday through Friday, 5:30AM to 7:30AM PST/PDT

If we anticipate any customer impact during regular maintenance we will notify the community via email, Twitter, and through our Service Alerts page.  

CAIT Managed Services

CAIT's planned maintenance schedule only affects servers and services that CAIT manages or administrates.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Wired Network
  • WiFi (CASecure & CAGuest)
  • the Hub
  • Colleague
  • Self-Service
  • Fileshares
  • PrintServices
  • VPN

Individual schools or departments may have maintenance periods of their own not covered in this article.  If you experience unexpected difficulty with a school-specific resource we encourage you to contact either the school office or a technical contact in that school.

Emergency Maintenance

Whenever unexpected maintenance is required CAIT will make every effort to fully communicate the expected impact and duration of the maintenance to the community.  

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