Faculty Laptop Program: Details & Signing Up

All Regular and Technical Faculty are eligible to receive a technology package, including a laptop, for work purposes. These will be distributed by CalArts IT.

How to Sign Up:

Several weeks before the start of the upcoming term, the Office of Faculty Affairs will send an email inviting all new incoming Regular and Technical Faculty to complete the Faculty Laptop Request Form.

Can Returning Faculty Sign Up?:

Yes, returning Regular and Technical Faculty are also eligible for a technology package-- as long as you haven't already received one. Use the Faculty Laptop Request Form to sign up

What's Included in the Tech Package?:

Your Choice of Computer:

Apple Macbook Pro

13" Screen | M2 Chip

24GB RAM | 512 SSD

DELL Latitude (PC)

13" Screen | i5 Processor

32GB RAM | 500GB SSD

Can I get Upgraded Equipment?:

Unfortunately no--in order to provide laptop possibilities for all Regular and Technical Faculty, we, along with the Office of Faculty Affairs had to agree on device standards.

If you require more computing power than our standard options, please contact your school office.


Fall 2023:

To get a laptop before the start of fall semester, please complete the Faculty Laptop Request Form no later than 8/7/23.

If you are willing to wait until Spring semester for a laptop, you can fill out the form anytime before Winter Break.

What if I'm Not Returning?:

Please work with your school administrator(s) to turn the laptop in, before leaving. Be sure to backup any data you wish to save.

When & Where Do I Pick Up My Equipment?

Depending on when you elect to pick up your laptop (Fall or Spring) pick up times will usually be available for 2 weeks before the first day of classes.

We will follow up with each person, individually via email, with a range of times available for pickup.

How Long Do I Get To Keep My Equipment?

You keep the equipment until the warranty on the device runs out. This is typically 4-years after the computer is purchased. We will reach out to faculty one year prior to getting a refresh.

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