How Do I: Update My Identity?

CalArts values each person and their individual identity. The Institute knows that students, faculty and staff may choose to utilize chosen names, pronouns and gender identities that are not in line with their legal documentation. CalArts seeks to promote the comfort and safety of its community members who wish to be identified by a chosen name or gender identity that may not correspond to legal documentation, and also to honor the pronouns that students, faculty or staff choose to use.

If you would like to update your name, pronoun, or gender in CalArts records, follow the steps below.

Updating your Name

Log into HubHelper, using your SSO Credentials

Choose the Chosen Name tile

Fill out what you want to change in the applicable fields & hit Submit

Because of the need for fields to be populated in our systems, any fields that you leave blank will auto-populate with what's on file for your legal name.

Be sure to check the box below "Chosen Last Name" if you want to also change your email address and SSO Username.

Please allow 3-5 business days to process changes. You will receive an email when changes are complete.

Updating your Gender Identity

Log into HubHelper, using your SSO Credentials

Choose Gender Identity tile

Select the Personal Pronoun and/or Gender Identity that best fits you & Save.

For more info on personal identity, visit our Identity Project page on

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