CalArts SSO: Frequently Asked Questions

On March 2nd 2021 the institute implemented CalArts SSO, a Single Sign-On platform, in order increase the privacy and security of our CalArts accounts. The purpose of this article is to answer frequently asked questions concerning CalArts SSO and your CalArts email.

What is the reason for the change and why now?

Single Sign-On (SSO) and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) was implemented for security and compliance for the Institute at large. This was a time sensitive issue that required we have a solution on a very tight timeline. Unfortunately, the email to alumnx was sent later than originally planned.

Did my email go away?

No. Your email account and all content is still there, at

Did my Google Drive go away?

No, your Google Drive is associated with your email account, and it and all its contents are still there. 

So what changed?

The only thing that changed is how you log into the system. Before, you went to either or Now you will go to and log in there. You will be presented with applications to which you have access, including Google.

What is my username?

Your username is the first part of your email address.

I don’t remember my password and I haven’t yet set up Single Sign-On. What do I do?

Prior to setting up SSO for the first time you will not be able to use the Forgot Password link on CalArts SSO. You can request a password reset by heading to and submitting a ticket or by emailing (please use a personal email account to reach us to ensure that you receive the response from CAIT).

What are these “factors” we have to set up?

Upon your first log into our Single Sign-On (SSO) portal, you will be asked to set up at least one additional security “factor.” This is how you help prove you are who you claim to be when logging in. Your available factors are:

  • Security questions (required)
  • Code sent to personal email
  • Code sent via text message (to your mobile phone)
  • Use of Google Authenticator App

We recommend setting up as many factors as possible for maximum flexibility (e.g. security questions are easier on a computer, but less convenient than a code on a mobile device). 

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