How Do I: Add Funds to PaperCut?

Starting in Spring semester of 2016 the Library transitioned to a new print payment system called PaperCut.  Unlike the old cash-based print card system, PaperCut uses a credit card to add funds and gives you much more information about your printing history and control over your account.

If you have a print card from our old system the Library can transfer the funds on that card to your PaperCut account!

1. Log in to Your PaperCut Account

Navigate to and login to the page using your CalArts Credentials. This is the same login information you would normally use to get into the Hub or CASecure (the campus wireless network). If you have any issues logging in or need to reset the password for your CalArts Credentials please take a look at this CAIT article.

Log in to Your PaperCut Account

2. Adding Credit

When you first sign into PaperCut you will see your account summary page. While this is helpful for monitoring your overall account activity the section we need is Add Credit.

There are pre-set amounts you can choose from: $1, $5, $10, and $20.  Choose what amount you'd like to add and click Add Value.  You will be taken to the payment portal operated by Official Payments.

3. Complete Your Payment

You can use Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit cards to complete your payment.  After you've entered your credit card information click Continue.  Your billing address will be entered after this step.

Complete Your Payment

4. Accept Terms and Enter Billing Information

Click Accept Terms on the next page to enter your billing information.  You'll need to click on Continue for the next few screens to be taken back to PrintServices.

Accept Terms and Enter Billing Information

5. Confirm Your New Balance

When you arrive back at PrintServices you should see a green banner confirming that new funds are added to your account.  You can also check your Transaction History and look for External funds added by payment gateway.

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