CAIT Strategic Plan 2023-2026

In late 2022, CalArts IT (CAIT) undertook a bold exercise in developing its own strategic plan. Grounded in the CalArts Strategic Framework (Goal 7), CAIT seeks to find its own yet related path towards divisional success, which will help fuel institutional success. While the vision, mission, goals and etc. presented below are about CAIT, they are ultimately about how we fit into the Institute’s vision at large.

CalArts Strategic Framework

CAIT and this plan specifically relate to Goal 7 of the CalArts Strategic Framework, and Objectives 7A and 7C.

Goal 7: Improve operational processes and budgetary management throughout the Institute.

Objective 7A: Build the practices, processes, and tools for data- and research-informed decision making across CalArts.
Objective 7C: Evaluate operational processes, resources, and infrastructure for greater efficiency and service.

Vision Statement

The vision statement helps express our ideal outcome, should we achieve all of our goals as defined below and into the future.

Offering transformative and progressive solutions that help to support the education of the next generation of artists and savvy citizens.

Mission Statement

The mission statement drives us forward strategically and, ultimately, tactically on a more operational basis.
To be the leaders in the delivery and teaching of technologies and data management to solve problems and enhance user experiences. To build and maintain partnerships that ensure responsible stewardship of Institute resources.

CAIT Values

Word cloud of CAIT values

While not a one-to-one correlation with the word cloud, our key values include:

Collaboration and working with others. We are stronger together, and working hand in hand than we are as either individual contributors. We provide solutions derived through collaboration, rather than simply services.

Flexibility and empathy. CAIT values its ability to partner with many different departments at the same time, flexibly adapting to the needs of each group, responding to changes in project design, etc. We do this through empathy; we understand the realities of projects and partner operational realities.

Responsibility and accountability. CAIT takes its charge seriously, and we understand that we have a great deal on our shoulders to see projects through for the betterment of partner departments, divisions, programs, and for the Institute overall.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access. CAIT seeks to make the language and efforts in support of IDEA normative in our operations. Inclusive language, support for diversity, and accessibility reviews will become a standard part of our vocabulary, along with ad hoc efforts in support of IDEA.

Fun. CAIT values the lighter side of life. We seek to have fun not only in light-hearted matters but also in the way we go about our work. We seek to enjoy what we do.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority 1: Support Institute students, faculty, and staff

CAIT aims to meet the community where they are, and provide support and structures to enable community members to achieve their goals.

Long Term Goals

SP1.1: Cultivate teaching and learning excellence by advocating for and applying best practices for instructional technology

SP1.2: Improve administrative functions across the Institute

SP1.3: Advocate for and help provide standards for optimizing opportunities for access and equity

Strategic Priority 2: Elevate continual service improvement

CAIT will build a cycle of engaged improvement of our services and operations. We will work to always do something better the next time, do more with technology to enhance automation, and seek out efficiencies where possible to maximize our impact.

Long Term Goals

SP2.1: Establish adaptable policies and procedures for the responsible use of technology across the Institute

SP2.2: Promote innovation with technology within CAIT and across the Institute

SP2.3: Secure the technology environment and infrastructure

SP2.4: Develop and implement a cross-training plan for the CAIT team

SP2.5: Build out a IT Service Management improvement plan

Strategic Priority 3: Enhance relationships with Institute partners

We will always work to build and then improve our relationships with our partners around campus. This is both in terms of general engagement and how technology can improve their experiences.

Long Term Goals

SP3.1: Define and communicate CAIT’s service role across the Institute

SP3.2: Engage and collaborate with academic and administrative partners

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