How Do I: How Do I Use the Student Reviews Site?

The new and improved student reviews system is now online and can be accessed through HubHelper

This where Coordinators, Mentors, and Deans can login to complete Reviews.  Here's what you need to know!

(If you're looking for the Mentor Report guide, just click here!)

Login to HubHelper

Open up your browser of choice and go to, then login with your CalArts Credentials.

For Faculty, Staff or School Admins. Examples in this article may differ slightly depending on your role.

In the example below we're seeing a Faculty members menu. In this case, we are going to click on Student Reviews/Reports.

Student Reviews/Reports

When the Student Reviews/Reports icon is selected you will be taken to a list of students. From here you will be able to see report status for all students reviews and have the ability to filter them accordingly. Each student can be individually selected from this screen. Clicking on the individual student you wish to start a review for and it will direct you to their student dashboard.

In this example, you can see some students have had their Mid-Res Review started while only one of them has been completed.

If You Are a Mentor or Coordinator

Mentors and Coordinators can add comments to a student review which will be sent to the Dean for his/her review.  Keep in mind, all student review notes are visible by the student.

Student Review Details

This is where you can start or sign off on a review depending on your role. Normally this will be either a Coordinator or a Mentor depending on the school. To create a new review click the Create a new Review button to start the process. From there you can specify the type of review (mid-res, grad, special or prelim) and also fill in the review date.

Any previous reviews created for students they will also show up under the Student Reviews section as (Legacy) reviews. These will be viewable for documentation purposes but you will not be able to edit or make any changes to these.

In this example we are going to be starting a Mid-Res review. The template Type can be set to Default or Two Readers if additional notes are required.

Review coordinators specifically will see an additional "Assign To" field when creating reviews. Please keep in mind that the person who is being assigned a review will typically receive an email notification once this has been done.

Approving or Rejecting a Review

Depending on your role, it may prove useful to return to the Student Reviews/Reports page and filter the students by Mentees. From there you should be able to easily sort the students which have pending reviews and need attention. This will be indicated by the red "!" sign next to their student ID.

From here select the student for whom you wish to approve or reject the review. This will bring you to the student details page. Once you are there,  under the Student Reviews section select the review in need of approval and click Go to Review.

Previously submitted reviews for students will also be viewable from this section. These will be listed as Legacy.

Once you are ready to Approve or Reject a review, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Submit Options will come up allowing you to Approve or Reject the review in question.

If Reject is selected you will be shown additional options for the review. This section can also be used to send a review back to a mentor if a mistake was made and needs to be corrected before the review is finalized. If thats the case, the Dean would select No on Finalize Review? and then select the person whom they would to assign it back to and click Submit.

Afterwards, you will be returned to the student details page. From here you can verify that your decision has been registered by looking at the Review Details pane on the right hand side on the dashboard.

In the example below, we have selected Approved as the action and selected Yes on finalizing the review.

Once you have Approved a review you will not be able to edit it unless it is Denied by someone else (i.e., a Dean).  You can however, return to the student dashboard and select Go to Review which will show you a read-only version of the review after you've approved it.  Only when all parties have approved a review will the Review Status change to Approved.

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