Faculty: How Do I Use the Mentor Report Site?

Mentor Reports are now online through HubHelper for Deans and Mentors.  Here's what you need to know to submit your Mentor Reports!

(If you're looking for the Student Reviews guide, just click here!)

Login to HubHelper

After logging in you will be brought to your Main Menu. For this set of instructions, you'll want to select Student Reviews/Reports.

Using the drop-down menu under Mentor Report sort by 'Not Started' (pictured below).

After sorting, click on the mentee for whom you wish you create a report.

In the Student Details page, under Mentor Reports click 'Create a new Report' (pictured below)

From this next screen, you'll choose a template (pictured below).

Click Create.

Unless you're a member of the School of Art, you should choose 'Blank Document'.

The numbers on the graphic (below) correspond with the same numbered descriptions listed below the graphic.

1. Activity Log shows all of the changes on that particular Mentor Report. This includes who it was assigned to, time & date stamps and the status updates.

2. Report Content is where you will actually paste in your review. Because of timeout issues, we recommend drafting your reviews in another application such as Word or Google Docs to ensure that the review isn't lost because of a timeout. (Note: the timeout takes effect after 30 minutes)

3. Save Draft allows your Mentor Report to be saved and edited later.

4. Submit sends the Mentor Report to your Dean for approval. It will no longer be editable.

Things to keep in mind

You cannot upload files to a report.  The system does not support separate file uploads.  If you find that you need to include a media sample, like a PDF, JPG, MP3, or other separate file, it will need to be sent to the Dean manually outside of the system.

If you have any trouble with the Mentor Reports page please don't hesitate to send us a note at cait@calarts.edu and we'll be happy to help!

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