Policy - Hosted Websites


Main CalArts Website

Any of the following websites:

  • calarts.edu
  • art.calarts.edu
  • criticalstudies.calarts.edu
  • dance.calarts.edu
  • filmvideo.calarts.edu
  • music.calarts.edu
  • theater.calarts.edu
  • directory.calarts.edu
  • policies.calarts.edu

Satellite Site / Microsite

A website that is separate from the infrastructure of the main CalArts website.

Site Owner / Requestor

The individual requesting the satellite site.

Office of Communications

The Office of Communications at CalArts. Main contact email for web requests: cots@calarts.edu

Information Technology

The Information Technology department at CalArts. Main contact email: cait@calarts.edu


  • Before requesting a satellite site, the Requestor must first consult with the Office of Communications. Communications can help the requestor determine if a satellite site is necessary, or if changes to the main CalArts website will meet the requestor’s needs instead.
  • Subdomain must be approved by Communications and IT (Example: sitename.calarts.edu)
  • Sites will be hosted on the Plesk distribution system.

Guidelines and Responsibilities


  • Consult with the requestor to determine if a satellite site is necessary
  • Provide a CalArts logo for use in the site footer.
  • Recommend Wordpress starter themes and/or plugins (later)

Information Technology

  • Create an instance of a Plesk site and provide access to Site Owner.

Site Owner

The Site Owner assumes all responsibility for their satellite site, including the following requirements:

  • Enable auto-update for Wordpress (or other CMS) and its plugins.
  • Ensure auto-updates don't break the satellite site. There will not be assistance from IT or Communications if the site breaks.
  • Include a CalArts logo that links to the main CalArts website on every page in the footer (Communications will provide a logo). If technically not possible or problematic, contact Communications about a workaround.
  • Ensure any duplicated content is kept up to date with the main CalArts website. Notify Communications if the main website needs to be updated.
  • Understands and accepts the risks of duplicated content and how it can negatively impact SEO.

Duplicate Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating satellite sites that contain duplicated content from the main CalArts website can damage SEO for both the satellite site and the main CalArts website. It also always introduces the risk of one site getting updated while the other gets out of date, thus confusing and frustrating CalArts website audiences.

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