How Do I: Use PaperCut Scanners / Copiers

Using a scanner or copier with the PaperCut client is a relatively simple task. Follow this guide and you will be able to fully utilize the functionality on these machines.

1. Signing into a PaperCut copier

On all PaperCut enabled copiers you will be prompted with a login screen which you are required to sign-in to.

When signing in, you will need to use your CalArts Credentials. These are the same login credentials you would normally use to get into the HUB or CASecure (wireless).

2. Select account

After successfully signing in, depending on which school or department you are in you may have a couple different options for selecting an account. Essentially this is saying where the prints will be charged to. In most cases you will be selecting "Use personal account".

If you need to add more funds to your PaperCut account please see this article.

3. Access approved

Once you have selected an account that will be used, you will see the following screen.

This is confirming which account will be charged for the transaction and what the current balance of the account is. If all looks correct here you can go ahead and select "Use device functions".

4. Selecting functionality

From this point you can proceed to use any of the available device functions.

Below is an example after selecting "Quick Copy".

5. Logging out

By default these machines are set with a 10 minute timeout. It is very important to select the "Logout" option near the top right of the screen once you are finished with your copies or scans. If you do not sign out then someone could potentially walk up to the same machine within that timeout period and continue to use the copier under your login.

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