How Do I: Add a PaperCut Printer on a Mac?

Adding a PaperCut printer to your Mac is not difficult, but it is rather specific.  Follow this guide and you'll be up and running in no time!

This guide was created using MacOS 10.12.  If you are using an earlier operating system, like OS X 10.6 or 10.8, your experience may differ.  Please send us an email at if you run into any difficulties!

Install Printer Drivers

Before adding a PaperCut printer sure to download and install the correct printer drivers for the printer you want to use.  Check out this CAIT article for a printer list and links to drivers:

PaperCut Printers & Client Download

Video Walkthrough

Step by Step Walkthrough

1. System Preferences

Open System Preferences and click on Printers & Scanners

2. Add a Printer

Click on the + to add a new printer.

Depending on your macOS or OS X version you might see a dropdown menu after clicking +, in which case click on Add a Printer or Scanner.

3. Add the Printer

Click on IP, next to Default, and match the settings on your computer with this screenshot.

In this example we're adding the Library-BW printer.  Make sure to set the Protocol as Line Printer Daemon - LPD.

You can set the Name to whatever you would like.  That is what this printer will show up as on your computer.

The Location option can be left blank, or you can fill it in, it has no effect on your ability to print.

Here is a quick list of some of the most commonly used printer queues:

  • Library-BW -- the Library printers for B/W printing
  • Library-Color -- the Library printers for color printing
  • Theater-Bungalow -- the Theater student copier in the Bungalow
  • TheaterDPMFP -- the the Theater student copier in the Design Studio

4. Choose Print Driver

Click on the Use: dropdown menu, where it says Generic PostScript Driver.

4.1. Click on Select Software

Make sure you've installed the print drivers for this printer before doing this step, otherwise we won't have any print drivers to select!

4.2. Find the Printer Model

  • The MusicMFP copier is a Ricoh MP C6503
  • Both Library printers are Ricoh Aficio SP 831DN's
  • The Theater copiers are Ricoh MP C2504's

A quick way of finding the right driver is to type in a portion of the printer model into the Filter window, like "831DN".

4.3. Select the Printer and click OK

You should now see the printer listed in the Use: dropdown menu.

If the Add Printer window looks like this you've done it correctly!

Click the Add button and make sure the green dot appears below the printer name.

5. Install the PaperCut Client

All that's left is to install the PaperCut client!  Click on this CAIT article to find out how to do that:

How Do I: Use the PaperCut Client on a Mac?

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