How Do I: Change an .aspx file into a PDF?

If you need assistance accessing your W2 forms in the HUB, first review this article.

On certain browsers, notably Chrome, forms may download with the .aspx file extension. This article details the steps to converting .aspx files into the (more universally readable) PDF format.

Once you have accessed the form you would like to download, click the download icon (pictured below).

A window will open for you to choose where you would like to save the form.

  1. Un-check the box in the lower-left corner that says Hide extension
  2. In the dropdown box for Format, select All Files (all pictured below)

Change the file extension in the Save As box from .aspx to .pdf


Click Save

If you have already downloaded the file as an .aspx file

If you have already downloaded the file as an .aspx file, you can still change it as a PDF by simply renaming the file.

Right-click on the file, and choose Rename.

Change the extension from .aspx to .pdf (pictured below)

Once extension has been changed to .pdf, press Enter.

You see the a box asking if you're sure you want to change the file extenstion. Select Use .pdf

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