What Happens To My Account If I Leave CalArts?

Account separations occur when CalArts IT receives notice from Human Resources that a Faculty or Staff member is no longer employed by the Institute.  

Unless special circumstances dictate otherwise we process separation notices the same day we receive them.  

Faculty & Staff

HR is responsible for notifying IT of Faculty & Staff separations.  This generally happens when it is determined a Faculty member's contract is not being renewed or if a staff member has resigned or been terminated.

In these instances the IT office will:

  1. Change Active Directory password, which disables access to:
    • Single Sign-On and all applications in the portal
    • New Google Workspace (email, etc.) sessions
    • VPN
  2. Log out of all currently active Google Workspace sessions (including on mobile devices)
  3. Remove Zoom Phone & Video Conferencing pro license access
  4. Remove access to Adobe Creative Cloud
  5. Deactivate Slack accounts and end all sessions (if applicable)


Students who complete two semesters at CalArts are eligible to keep their access to a CalArts email account after they leave.

  1. Graduating students (Winter & Spring) will have access to Google Drive and Workspace Apps until September 4th. Transfer any data before September 4th.
  2. On September 4th, any graduates with @students.calarts.edu addresses will be migrated to @alum.calarts.edu addresses. Your password will not change.
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud & Microsoft 365 access will end on August 1st.


For those needing access to accounts of separated employees, there are two options:

  1. Email Only - CAIT can delegate the email section of Google Workspace to another user. This requires approval from Human Resources and the supervisor of the person receiving access.
    1. This is available for up to 6 months after separation.
  2. Google Drive - CAIT can migrate the contents of one users Google Drive to another. This requires approval from Human Resources and the supervisor of the person receiving the files.

Any account which is inactive for more than six months may be deleted at the Institutes discretion.

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