How To Send A Fax With The Biscom Portal

NOTE: If you do not have your department’s credentials for the Biscom Fax portal, please contact your office manager for the credentials. If they cannot provide them, or if you cannot login to the portal due to an error, please open a CAIT ticket by sending an email with a detailed description to:

Open a web browser (Chrome preferred) and navigate to

Login to Biscom portal with your department’s fax username and password


To compose and send a fax, click Compose:

Enter the name of the fax recipient:

Enter the fax number of the recipient (NOTE: fax number must include dashes: xxx-xxx-xxxx):

Click Add to Recipients:

Enter the Subject:

Enter a Memo (optional):

Add attachments from file either by clicking Upload (opens File Explorer file selection window) or by dragging and dropping a file into the Attachments window:  

When you are finished composing your fax, click Send

Click on Faxes > Sent > Status column  to monitor the progress of your fax:

  Status key:

  Pending-Active = Working on sending (usually 1-5 minutes)

  OK = Sent successfully

  Failed = Send failed (see error for details)

Send OK:

Failed error status: click Failed, then the Details tab on the right:

For more status message meanings, see Help


At your department’s MFP (Ricoh Multi-Function Printer) or scanner, scan your physical document to the Network share location configured by ITUsually a folder within your department’s network share called <Department>FaxScans.

Place your document in the top feeder tray face up, and click Scanner

Click Scan to Email

Select Scan to Folder. Then click your <department>FaxScans (not pictured), and click start

Then follow steps 11-20 above to complete sending your attachment via fax.


Click your department fax name in the left column

Click Inbox to see your received faxes:

Click on a received fax to view thumbnails of received pages in the right panel:

Deleted faxes will be moved to the Deleted Faxes section, under received or sent, respectively:


Click Sent to see your sent faxes:

 They can be deleted the same as faxes in your Inbox

Deleted faxes can be restored to Inbox or Sent by clicking the box next to the fax and pressing the restore button:


Click Contacts

To create a Contact, click Create Contact

Fill in all necessary fields for your new contact and click Create

Once created, your contacts will show in the Contacts list:


For additional topics not covered in this primer, please refer to Biscom Help

PLEASE NOTE: Fax technology is not very precise and lots can go wrong during a fax transmission. If you receive notification from a sender that their fax did not come through to you, please have them retry sending at least three times.

If you run into issues which cannot be addressed by having the sender re-send the fax, nor from the Biscom Help page, please open a ticket with CAIT by sending a detailed email to Please make sure to collect error codes, notes, and screenshots if possible, and add them to the ticket.

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