How do I: Access my Paystubs?

The Hub is being updated! As of July 2022, these directions are still current, but be sure to check back as they will be updated once the new Hub changes go live.

Currently you can view your paystubs with WebAdvisor. An updated version of the HUB is in the works that will ultimately provide a clean and simple method for saving and printing physical copies of Paystubs.

One thing that we've discovered, is that WebAdvisor/HubTime works best in the latest edition of Google Chrome. 

If you already have Chrome installed, and it's still not working, check for updates to ensure that you're running the latest version. 

How Do I View My Paystubs in WebAdvisor?

Sign into the HUB with your CalArts SSO Credentials.

Click Timesheets (HUBTime) under 'Tools'.

Click on Log In.

Click on Employees.

Now you will see the main menu.

Click on Pay Advices CALARTS

Click on the pay period that you'd like to see.

If you need to save or print a copy of your paystub the best way to do this is to open the paystub, highlight all the relevant information and copy / paste it into a Word document. From there you should be able to print or save a copy as a PDF.

Additional Questions?

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