Available Resources Outside of CAIT

As our community of CalArtians explores what it means to teach, learn, collaborate, and work remotely, several new available resources are being established.  

With how rapidly our faculty, students, and staff are adapting to our new reality the availability of these resources can easily be overlooked, or at the very least past through our Inboxes without being seen.

CAIT has collected the links and resources below, and will continue to update this page with new resources as we are aware of them.

If you know of a helpful resource not listed below, please let us know by sending a quick email to cait@calarts.edu!

School of Film/Video

The Film schools' 2pop.calarts.edu website is a wealth of information, normally geared towards their computer labs, software, etc.  They recently posted an extensive list of software:

While some of the software on that page may only be available to FIlm/Video students, it's a really fantastic place to start! 

School of Music

CAIT is in the process of confirming the status of Avid licensing for Music faculty.

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