Forwarding your Desk Phone

During the COVID-19 event, it is highly likely that you will be away from your desk for an extended period of time.  You may want to forward your desk phone to a personal number, instead of just checking your voicemail remotely, so here is a quick guide for forwarding your desk phone!

Setting up Forwarding

The following process is only valid for phones that look like any of the four in the image above.  If you do not have a phone that looks like this, we suggest looking at the alternative options below. 

Follow these steps to get forward your desk phone to an outside number:

  1. Pick up the handset or press speaker to get a dial tone
  2. Then press the Forward All Calls button
  3. Then enter the phone number you want to forward calls to
    • This must include the preceding 9 to get an outside line
    • For example, 16615551234 would not work
    • However, 916615551234 would work
  4. After approximately 10 seconds you will hear a fairly rapid dial tone beep pattern
  5. Hang up and try calling your phone number from another phone

Canceling Forwarding

Canceling call forwarding is incredibly simple:

  1. Pick up the handset or press speaker to get a dial tone
  2. Then press the Forward All Calls button

That's it.  Pressing the Forward All Calls button when there is already a forward in place cancels the existing forward!

Alternatives to Forwarding

If you do not have an appropriate phone or your position precludes you from forwarding your desk phone, setting a new voicemail message is an alternative approach.

  1. Set a new voicemail message and,
    • Ask callers to call an alternate number
    • Ask callers to send an email
    • Inform callers of your absence and encouraging patience

If you are already off-campus and want to set a new voicemail message, check out this accompanying article on accessing your voicemail remotely!


March 17, 11:45 AM: Initial post.

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    Michael John Simpson

    Please note: Some fujitsu phone do not have a "Fwd all calls" button. To forward:
    1. Press speaker button
    2. press extension button so it's lit
    3. dial 100, pause, then 91########## (########## is the 10 digit number to fwd to)
    4. listen for stutter tone
    5. hang up
    6. test

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