RealVNC Viewer Setup

RealVNC is remote desktop software that allows you to remotely access and securely control your work desktop from a home computer. Because this is licensed software, access must be requested from, and approved by, CalArts IT.  

This remote desktop solution is only available for computers with a CAIT asset tag (blue/white sticker)

This article is intended for folks who plan to use this solution from a home or personal machine. If you are using a CalArts owned laptop and need this installed please contact

1. Email Invitation

In order to remotely access your work machine you will first need to be setup and invited. If you haven't already, please send your request for remote desktop access to

Once you've been setup (on our end) you will receive an invitation sent to your CalArts email inbox.

Click "Join Team" and you be redirected to setup a RealVNC account.

Please use your CalArts email address when registering an account. This will be used to sign in to the application after its installed.

After your account has been created proceed to the section below to setup the VNC viewer client.

2. Download the Viewer

After accepting your Email invitation and signing in, you will need to download the application VNC Viewer.

Direct link to the download section can be found here:

Click Get VNC Viewer.

Verify that the correct Operating System is selected when downloading the client depending on if you are using a Mac or PC.

Click Download VNC Viewer.

3. Install RealVNC Viewer

The install is fairly straight forward, you should be able to click Next for every selection during this process without selecting any additional options.

Double click the install file to begin installation.

Adding a Desktop shortcut is optional but not required.

Click Install

4. Open VNC Viewer

Now that VNC Viewer is installed, you can launch the program and sign in with your RealVNC credentials.

Once signed in, you should see your work machine in the list of available machines. Double click your machine to connect.

If you do not see your machine in this list, please send a quick note to

You will then need to authenticate to your machine once more using your CalArts Credentials.

You will now be able to securely view and control your machine remotely.

We recommend that you either lock or sign out of your session when finished.

Do not shut down your computer remotely as you will not be able to power it back on from VNC viewer.

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